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Sneha Menon

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By: Sneha Menon The Burj Khalifa By:Sneha Menon Burj Khalifa is a skyscraper
Was known as Burj Dubai
The name is in the honor of the UAE president Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan
2nd tallest man made structure after the Kingdom Tower
Cost estimated: 1.5 billion
Has 163 floors
It is used for multi-purposes What is the Burj Khalifa? Construction started in January 2004
Completed in 2010
Officially opened in January 4th 2010 When was it built? The Burj Khalifa is located in 1 Emaar Boulevard on Sheikh Zayed Road
In Downtown Dubai, United Arab Emirates
This area is Dubai's main business district
Where was it built Who was the chief architect (the main person in the making of Burj Khalifa)
Adrian Smith from Chicago, Illinois.

Who were the structural engineers?
Bill Baker and William F. Baker.

What companies were involved?
Turner construction,Emaar properties and
Skidmore Owings and Merrill. Who Built it? The Burj Khalifa Topics How
Is the structure designed
Tall is it
Does the structure stay stable

Is it made of
Kind of structure is it (Classify the structure)
Are the different forces acting on the structure (Internal and external forces)
Are the features

Is it shaped that way
Is it famous
Is it located

Is it located

Was it built
Dead load and Live load How is the Burj Khalifa designed? To start off Burj Khalifa they had to dig deep
They used concrete, steel and aluminum to create the "Y" shaped base
They were very favorable for having such soft soil to dig into
The weight of the aluminum was as much as 5 A380 aircrafts
The designer, Adrian Smith was inspired by the flower Hymenocallis
It also has Islamic architecture with historical elements How tall is it? It was the tallest man made structure
But the Kingdom tower is said to be bigger
Has won alot of records for the height of the building
Approximately 829.8 m high (2722 ft)
Has 163 floors
With 30 000 suites
The tallest point of the building is a total of 1.5 m (4.9 ft) How does it stay stable? It is stronger for being heavier
The down ward pressure helps keep it in place
The reinforced concrete helps maintain the structures stability
Also a silicone structural sealant provides a very strong bond
It also ensures additional stability
Also the Y shaped base makes sure the structure is stable against strong winds What is the Burj Khalifa made of? It is made of concrete, steel and glass facade
They have added ice to the concrete because during the day the temperatures are high
The reinforced concrete has high compressive strength
And it dries evenly when cool What kind of structure is it?
(Classify the structure) It is a frame structure but it could also be a concrete structure
Burj Khalifa uses a network of materials that support each other
The Burj Khalifa has reinforced concrete for additional strength with the steel rods
The steel is acting like the frame of the structure
There fore it is a frame structure What are the features of Burj Khalifa? Dubai Fountain
WET enterprises designed this fountain
The cost was $217 million
It has 6 600 lights with 50 colored projectors
It is 275 m long and shoots 150 m of water into the air
While shooting water it plays Arabic and world music

In 2010 they added fire for the New Year 2011 Features The Burj Khalifa park
Inspired by the symmetries of the desert flower Hymenocallis
It also has a garden with palm lined water ways and flowering trees
It has a series of pools, water jets and fountains
Has four swimming pools, a privet library, a residents lounge
It also has the Restaurant "At. Mosphere" Why is it shaped that way? The designer of Burj Khalifa wanted to duplicate the Illinois
The Illinois was never built
The Burj Khalifa is an exact replica of the Illinois
Also with that they were inspired by the flower Hymenocallis
The Hymenocallis has the hexagonal footprint which Burj Khalifa has Why is it famous? It goes to high points
It is the worlds current tallest finished building
You can live up to those points
It also has 9 five star hotels
The Burj Khalifa appeared in the movie Mission Impossible External Forces The main external force is wind
Designers purposely added the "Y" plan to reduce wind forces
They have added a wind tunnel to solve the problem
The Burj Khalifa also has a central hexagonal concrete core wall
These walls are put inside Burj Khalifa to resist wind shears
Some problems in Burj Khalifa is that the costumers might hear it creaking
All of these problems involve the forces of wind Internal forces Internal Forces :Compression
Since the Burj Khalifa is a tall building all the pressure is at the bottom
All this pressure need to be maintained so that the building wont collapse
Designers have added the P-Delta effect

There is also tension present on Burj Khalifa
Sometimes when a force is pushing against a building it can make it sway
Also when too much tension is present it can pull the frame apart
To control that designers have added a device called Turned Mass Damper(TMD)
So when the building sways on way the block sways in the opposite direction Dead load and Live load A dead load is a type of static load caused by the weight of the structure itself
So the dead load is the weight of Burj Khalifa itslef which is 4 000 tons

But the live load is a type of static load caused by the weight of the object it supports which is 110 tons
So the live load is the weight of Burj Khalifa plus an additional weight of every thing inside it
Like furniture, elevators and a lot of people
This all caused an additional 106 tons How tall is it? It was the tallest man made structure
But the Kingdom Tower is said to be taller
The Burj Khalifa has won a lot of records for the height of the building
The Burj Khalifa is approximately 828 m(2715 ft.)
It has 163 floors
With 30 000 suites
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