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New Product Development Midcourse Progress Presentation

Elizabeth Rieker

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Camelbak

Phase 1: Activities Taken and Purpose: want to focus on hydration packs and the durability of the packs

Who was involved: executives of Camelbak

Results: improving the hydration packs with advanced technology and improvements

Length of phase: 1-2 months estimate

Ideas generated: needed high-tech device that could hold more water without taking up more room and dispense more easily Phase 2: Concept Generation Concept Project Evaluation -Actions Taken & Purpose: The screening and concept testing occurs during this stage
- cap that is easily opened and locked closed with a simple quarter turn
- prevent accidental dislodging for mouthpiece in locked position
- lower profile

-Results: Project Evaluation - project proposal authorization and product definition, team, budget and final product innovation charter

-Length of phase: August-December 2009 [Estimate] Development Full Product Launch -Activities Taken & Purpose:
-Promotions at various biking competitions.
-In-store promotions at different sporting good stores.
-YouTube videos highlighting the updates to the reservoir.
-Ads on Facebook, in outdoor adventure magazines.

-Who was involved:Top-level marketing executives, Engineers

-Results: The launch was a success. A well-received update to the reservoir allows for more durability, better filtration and a slender fit.. The New Product Development of the Antidote Reservoir

Samantha Barker, Kate Dowrey, Caroline Matis & Elizabeth Rieker Company History Originator and world leader in hands-free hydration systems.

Petaluma, California

Founded: 1988

Michael Eidson and Jeff Wemmer

Mission: To continuously reinvent and forever change the way people hydrate and perform. The Antidote Reservoir Description: a compact, durable reservoir with a quick-snap cap that tightens in just a quarter turn, low profile fit for unmatched stability, and Air-tight fillport cuts weight.

Launch Date: July 10, 2012 for $33
Available in 50, 70, and 100 oz. Target Market Outdoor Adventure Enthusiasts

Age: 20-50

Gender: Male & Female

Income: Middle-Upper Class Opportunity Identification & Selection -Activities Taken & Purpose: Idea from IV bag in a tube sock turns into an actual reservoir able to hold water.

-Who was involved: Michael Eidson, Jeff Wemmer and engineers

-Results: creation of first Antidote

-Length of phase: 2 months [Estimate] Phase 3 Phase 4: Phase 5: PIC For Antidote Gap Map Evaluation of Creativity Gap Map Gap Map
-Length of phase: August 8, 2010 - present

-Techniques used?: Social media, In-person demonstrations, print ads

-Ideas Generated?: Feedback from the launch indicates that the military is interested in an even more high-tech filtration system that will fight off bacteria on the battlefield. Phase 5: Continued -Technical Tasks- After evaluating what changes need to be made to improve the Camelbak, several prototypes are designed and tested in Research and Design. The designs are then validated for the best prototype.

-Marketing Tasks - The marketing team must prepare a strategy, different tactics, and launch details for the marketing plan.

-Length of phase: January - August 2010 What's Next? "New" New Product Design: The next generation of filtered water.

-State-of-the-art filtration system

-Cooling technology

-Improved durability Works Cited http://www.camelbak.com/

Press Releases: http://www.camelbak.com/Sports-Recreation/About-Us/Press/2010/Antidote-Summer-OR-2010.aspx


http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/Hydration%20Systems/Bladders/Camelbak%20Antidote%20Reservoir/Test%20Report%20by%20Cheryl%20McMurray/ Primary Target Audience Military and
-Age: 18-40 [Generation X & Generation Y ]

-Gender: Male and Female

-Income Level: Upper middle and upper class

-Family Size: Single people, small families

-Educational Level: Bachelors degree or more

-Marital Status: Single & married Psychographics & Geographics Psychographics:

-Attitudes: care about environment

-Feel a sense of social responsibility

-Care about overall health

-Nature enthusiasts


-Desire for status, enhanced appearance, hands free, convenience


-Suburban & rural areas Product Positioning Statement A safe, reliable and durable reservoir for active nature enthusiasts. Product Attributes -The reservoir must be able to filter water that is found in a lake, stream, or any natural body of water enough that it is safe to drink.

-The reservoir must be able to be charged through solar panels located on the arm straps of the product.

-There reservoir must be durable enough to withstand a bullet projected from any distance traveling at any speed. Competitive Comparisons: Argumentation Dimensions: -Extensive education of product qualities

-Superior customer service

-Lifetime warranty Timing Focus on getting a quality, durable,
environmentally friendly product to
consumers without pushing to market before
all three criteria are met. but try not to
exceed 2 years Marketing Requirements -In-store demonstrations at hunting/sporting goods stores. What stores?
-On-base demonstrations and trial testing for military personnel.
-Advertisements in hunting/sporting goods magazines.
-Presence at national hunting/sporting goods conventions. Financial Requirements -Development and intro period loses will not exceed $4.5 million

-Break-even is expected by first three full year on the market. Product Requirements -Quality standards will be met without exceptions.

-We must be able to meet the demand from military and civilian customers from moment of launch. Regulatory Requirements Strong adherence to military and EPA requirements. Corporate Strategy Requirements -Strategy for the launch of this product is monitored closely by key corporate executives in an effort to expand our market share and work toward creating innovative additions to our product line. Potholes -There may be push back from civilian customers who are not used to the $100 price tag

-We also have concerns about regulatory requirements.

-The complicated, new technology may create a need for extensive research which may push back our launch date. NSF International: Require meeting the design material & production requirements--unannounced audits of facilities Underwriters Laboratories: checks drinking water standards of contaminant
reduction, aesthetic concerns, structural integrity, and
materials safety. Water Quality Association: Awards Gold Seal to units that meet standards. Sweet Water Filtration System: Removes waterborne bacteria & parasites Beta Testing Mode of Contact - personally contacting our target market

Singularity -

Duration of use -

Product form -

Mode of recording reaction -
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