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Two Words by Isabel Allende

No description

Jeremy Kaminski

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Two Words by Isabel Allende

About the Author
Image by Tom Mooring
Literary Movement
The author was famous for influencing the magical realism movement in literature. "Two Words" is an effective example of this movement because of the realistic settings, but fantasy elements in it's characters and scenes.
In 1973, her uncle Salvador Allende was assassinated in a military takeover. Afterward, she fled to Venezuela to escape the dangers in Chile.
She entered fame when she published her best-selling book "The House of the Spirits" in 1982 which grew out of a farewell letter to her dying grandfather.
In 1992 Allende established the Isabel Allende foundation to support woman's rights and empowerment.
by Isabel Allende
Isabel Allende
Isabel Allende is a Chilean writer who was born on August 2, 1942 in Lima, Peru.
Her father was a Chliean diplomat and cousin of Salvadore Allende, president of Chile (1970-1973)
Isabel Allende's short story, "Two Words", takes place centuries ago before the industrial age in Latin America. This relates to the author because she was born in Latin America.
The major theme in this short
story is about how powerful words
can be on other people.
The story “Two Words” is similar to an article we found called Power of Words. It explains how important words are, and how much they can affect someones life. For instance positive and negative comments can affect the attitudes of other people. This is similar to “Two Words” because Belisa gave the colonel two words that changed his life. They changed his attitude and caused him to become ill.

Cultural Context
Isabel Allende's life is relatable to "Two Words" because Belisa Crespuculario, the protagnist of the
story, is also a female writer who grew into fame
through writing despite the male dominance at the time.
Hispanic culture is important to understand in this story because of the Spanish names used in it and the currency, pesos and centavos, that Belisa is paid with. There are 100 centavos in every peso. Belisa would charge 5 centavos, or 0.05 pesos for her services.
interminable (adj.) : incapable of being terminated; unending
subterfuge (n.) : the use of tricks especially to hide, avoid, or get something
gingerly (adj./adv.) : showing great care or caution
foray (n.) : a sudden invasion or attack
irrevocable (adj.) : not capable of being changed : impossible to revoke
lucid (adj.) : very clear and easy to understand

calamity (adj.) : a sudden violent event that brings about great loss or destruction

indelible (adj.) : not easily forgotten

encampment (n.) : a place with temporary accommodations consisting of huts or tents, typically for troops or nomads

voracious (adj.) : wanting or devouring great quantities of food

Mulatto : a person of any proportion of both European and African ancestry.

Presented by: Corrine Taylor, Owen Compton, and Jeremy Kaminski
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