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Events coming up

events...coming up.

Courtney W

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Events coming up

Introduction This is the stuff going on in the next few months in Portland in Eugene. Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles Rain is a multi-media, multi-dimensional experience. A fusion of historical footage and hilarious television commercials from the 1960s lights up video screens and live cameras zoom in for close-ups. Sing along with your family and friends to such Beatlemaniac favorites as Let It Be,
Hey Jude, My Guitar Gently Weeps, Come Together, and Can't Buy Me Love.
May 4-5 $30-50 Portland Rose Festival It's basically where people test and grow different kinds of roses. There are parades, and it's free. 1st 2 weeks of June Oregon Coast Aquarium It's known as one of the best aquariums in the world and it used to be the home of the Free Willy whale. It's in Newport. Portland Art Museum The Portland Museum of Art has been in service since it was first opened in 1892, and although its building structure has been renovated and expanded since that time, it continues as one of the largest and most prominent museums in the United States. $15 Portland Zoo The Oregon Zoo is the oldest zoo in North America west of the Mississippi River, and has been growing in size ever since its inception in 1887. The zoo is located in Portland, Oregon, and is one of Portland's most trafficked attractions, drawing more than 1.3 million animal lovers every year. $10 Crater lake Crater Lake in Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, is one of the more stunning sites to be seen in Oregon and in the Pacific Northwest. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States and as with most crater lakes was created with the collapse of a volcano.
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