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Culture Shock

TSI Flight Training Group 82

Victoria Greco

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Culture Shock

of 27 A Flight Training
Project Of
Critical Thinking Why
Culture Shock? Flight Training 82 Presents Engineered to Amaze Training What is an
ISM? I'm afraid
to ask... ????? ARE YOU
READY?? Last job previous boss old coworkers "New Hire orientation was my first
day. It was an all in one day that
covered the ISMs, Benefits, and
over all company guidelines. It was
a great first day as it immediately
exposed me to the QL way."
-Jennifer Rejc (2004) "I was very excited to start
working at TSI. I was a little
overwhelmed my 1st day with a lot
of ... company words & phrases
being used that I was not
familiar with."
-Kevin Wilson (2012) Leadership
Next 3 Exits Leader Training New Team Member
Culture Training Leadership

Path SURVEY SAYS "I wish I would have known more about the ISMS before I went to ISMs day and Full Throttle." "I hear people refer to culture, but I am not sure what they mean." Culture
Certified Team Member
of the year THE END
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