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Caitlin Chamberlain

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of McCarthyism

McCarthyism Presentation made by: Caitlin Chamberlain, Corinne Scott and Andrea Rubaszek. An American Politician
Republican Senator from 1947-1957
made claims that there were large numbers of communists and soviet spies inside the federal government Joseph McCarthy used fierce techniques to win over opposing parties
successful because he accused anyone who opposed him to being a communist McCarthy and the red scare the house committee on un american activites
mission was to locate and investigate people sympathetic to communists
accused of promoting the establishment of a totalitarian dictatorship HUAC McCarthy's Speech made a speech that he had a list of members of the communist party and members of a spy ring who were employed in the state department When such people as Larry Parker and Roy Huggins "named names," what happened to the people they named? If you were "named" and refused to talk, what happened? Who were McCartyhy's "helpers" on HUAC? What was their role? There were just around 300 people that were accused by Joseph McCarthy as either being communist or sympathizing with communism. When the lists were made public, all of these individuals were illegally blacklisted, They were fired from their jobs, shunned and were unable to find other work. Some people were given the opportunity to clear heir names in a long, drawn out process. What was the HUAC renamed in 1969? What is it's status today? The HUAC was renamed the House Committee on International Security in 1969. It was dissolved entirely in 1975, and nothing of it remains today. Communism everyone is equal
no single ruler
no social classes
was opposed in the 40's and 50's
anti communism campaigns were led Those identified as communists or socialists were now ordered to testify before the HUAC. If these people refused to name names, they were added to a blacklist that had been drawn up by the Hollywood film studios.
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