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Nicole Young

on 8 April 2015

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1. Habitat for humanity does not discriminate against race, sex, gender, religion. The population they aim to help are the hardworking citizens who are underprivileged. They also have other programs such as disaster relief.

2. They build and preserve the house for you to live in while you pay a subsidized mortgage.
Number of clients served each year
-More than 2 million people served in
the U.S and Internationally.
-250 hours put into every home
Issues addressed by Habitat for humanity
Home repairs
Disaster Relief
How many homes has your organization built in the Lehigh Valley?

Local History

-25% higher probability of finishing High School

-116% better chance of graduating college

-Children of homeowners are 59% likely to own their own homes
Habitat LV Programs
Lehigh Valley affilate of HFHI
1. Founded in 1989

2. A local non profit organization that helps
build houses for hardworking,
underprivileged families
3. Placing these families in safer
neighborhoods increases local
tax base and helps revitalize
Global History
1. Founded in 1976 by Linda and Millard Fuller
2.The concept was born at Koinonia Farm, a small, interracial, Christian community outside of Americus, Georgia.
3. Funding comes from the mortage payments, donations, fund-raising
Hand Tools
Power Tools
Standard Size Doors
Standard Size Lumber
Will Accept:
Will Not Accept:
Used Appliances
What has been the biggest hardship for your organization?
Hurricane Sandy was very difficult to overcome, Many people and families had severely damaged houses. House applications were actually decreased that year due to lack of supplies as well.
What kind of houses do you build?
Very simple, modern houses. The homes are designed so that they can be simply built, but provide the space and general necessities a family would need.
After the house is built, does the family own or rent the house?
The family does own the house, eventually. A "loan" of sorts is set up, and each able family member must put in a certain amount of hours as volunteer work before they officially own the home. They do make payments as well until their hours are completed. Once finished, the house is completely theirs.
What can we do to get more involved in your organization?
Volunteers are always welcome but the are many other ways to get involved. Throughout the year we have many fund-raising events, like the Polar Plunge on April 11th, that the community can get involved with. We also have the Re-Store locations that sell used materials to help raise money for the organization.
There are many ways to volunteer, Construction or non-construction.
Volunteers for construction are needed on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays.
No knowledge is needed, just a willingness to learn.
Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative
Brush with Kindness

What have you done for Humanity?
Donate Now
What Habitat LV has done
Toast for Hope Charity Event
Polar Plunge
Home Dedications
Fundraisers for numerous disasters
Over 90 houses built in the LV so far
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