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edith flanigen

No description

Tinesha cox

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of edith flanigen

Edith Flanigen Edith Flanigen date of birth is Jauary 28, 1929.

Edith was born in Buffalo New York. While attending private Catholic High School, Holy Angels Academy, Flanigen was first introduced to chemistry. She went to D'Youville College where she majored in chemistry. Edith Flanigen recieved her master's degree in chemistry from Syracuse University.She eventually worked at Union Carbide.While attending Syracuse a lab accident left Flanigen with third-degree burns on her hands,and she had to spend the rest of the semester in the infirmary. The most famous invention was made in the 1960s which was the microwave lasers.
Microwave lasers delivered the laser powerful beams or something like that. It was important because her colleages realized that her emeralds were gem-quality, and her company also marketed them to jewelry makers. Ms.Flanigen is also known for creating catalysts,molecules that make chemical reactions happen faster and more easily.Her creations lower industrial costs and make manufacturing more environmentally friendly.
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