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Dr. Ben Carson

No description

C Cohen

on 29 June 2013

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Transcript of Dr. Ben Carson

Ben Carson's mother, Sonya, allowed him to watch only two TV shows a week. Ben also had to read two books per week. When he was done with the books, he had to write a book report about it! Sonya also made her sons, Ben and Curtis Carson, decide themselves on their responsibilities. But the only thing that bothered Sonya was that she couldn't read! She was determined that that would never happen to her sons. Sonya worked tirelessly for Ben and Curtis. To make sure Ben knew and was 100% sure he could do anything, Sonya always said to him, "You can do anything anyone else could do, but you can do it better!
Thank you for watching The Story Of Ben Carson
Dr. Ben Carson
By : Caroline Cohen
The Ben Carson Story
Question # 3 Who is the most meaning full person to him?
Ben Carson and his wonderful Family
29 year old girls
Question # 1 How did Ben Carson Become so successful?
Interesting Facts

Fact # 1 When Ben Carson lived in Detroit, in elementary school, he was considered "the dummy of the class."
Fact # 2 He is now one of the top pediatric neurosurgeons in the world!
Fact # 3 As a child, Ben Carson had a very violent temper.
Fact # 4 Ben graduated at the top of his high school class and enrolled at Yale University.
Fact # 5 Ben Carson performs over 500 operations a year, 3 times as many as most neurosurgeons.
Ben Carson has done many surgeries.
Here are some of the ones he did:
One of his first surgeries was on a 4 year old girl named Maranda Francisco, she had her whole entire left side of he brain removed! It succeeded!
Another surgery he did was on a set of twins who were born with their heads together! It succeeded!
Another surgery he did was on a set of conjoined girl twins. One twin was smaller than the other. Sadly, the surgery failed. The smaller twin needed the bigger twin's heart and the bigger twin needed the smaller twin's kidneys.
And one of the last surgeries Ben Carson did was on a set of 29 year old twins whose heads were conjoined together! However, the surgery failed because it's impossible to do a separation of a brain shared by adults.
Question # 2 Which surgeries were the most difficult?
Ben and Candy's sons
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