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Organelle Smear Campaign

No description

Morgan Sears

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of Organelle Smear Campaign

The Golgi Apparatus may seem nice, helpful, and tell you everything will be fine if you vote for her, but the harsh reality is that she's lying to you. The Golgi Apparatus causes Alzheimer's Disease! The Golgi Apparatus seems to fall apart, which causes major issues, such as Alzheimers. Therefore you cannot vote for the Golgi Apparatus because she's unreliable and doesn't care about the negative effects that she has on citizens.
*next slide contains disturbing picture caused by a malfunction of the Golgi apparatus, known as Achondrogenesis
Golgi Apparatus
Other Diseases Caused By Lysosomes
Niemann-Pick Disease
Hunter Syndrome
Lysosomes may seem all nice, chill, and confident, but they're not. They're nicknamed "suicide bags". The Lysosome can explode, and when they do, they release a deadly toxin that will kill the cell. The Lysosome is a very powerful organelle, as well as unpredictable and volatile. As if this isn't enough, it also causes Fabry disease. Fabry disease is a lysosomal storage disease that causes pain throughout the entire body, kidney complications, high blood pressure, many welts, and painful skin rashes. Doesn't seem like an organelle that I would put in charge...
Other Diseases Caused By Ribosomes
Diamond-Blackfan Anemia
Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome
The Ribosome may seem vital to Eukarya, but the truth is that it causes a lot more harm than good.(Trust me, I would know because i have to deal with ribosomes all the time) For example, when the production of ribosomes is reduced, it causes a gene mutation, leading to Treacher Collins Syndrome. Treacher Collins Syndrome is usually genetic and is where the development of bones and other tissues are underdeveloped. In some cases underdevelopment of the facial bones may restrict an infant's airway, causing potentially life threatening respiratory problems. Is this really the kind of organelle that you want running Eukaryia? This is not to mention all of the other diseases that the ribosome partakes in.
Vote Rough ER
"The cell's number #1 producER and processER, since 1945"
This is the cause of ribosomes...
Treacher Collins Syndrome
Other Diseases Caused By Mitochondria
Alpers Disease
Leigh Syndrome
Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy
I forgot to tell you all a little about myself. I am pretty good at manufacturing and packing, as I have much experience with that sort of thing. I also have a strong connection with the nucleus, therefore I have many powerful connections, and will protect the citizens of Eukaryia however I have to. Now, I know the other running organelles will try to take me out, but I will not let them. I do have one fault though, I can cause stress, which leads to various diseases. Although that has happened in the past, I have many better qualities now, and will do my best to prove to you that I am the far superior choice.
Some Info About Myself (The Rough ER)
The mitochondria is the primary organelle that produces energy, but that doesn't mean it doesn't mess up once in a while. What happens if the mitochondria malfunctions? In general if a person's mitochondria completely fails, a person could possibly die of complications. Studies also show that children with autism suffer from a mitochondrial defect. Autism is widely known and dealt with on a daily basis. Do you, the citizens of Eukaryia, want this organelle as president if it could affect your children, the future leaders of Eukaryia? I sure wouldn't...
Other Diseases Caused By Golgi
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