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Theres more than just a animal in this....

Dylan Yang

on 6 May 2013

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AND HABITATS The wolverine is unique it has shovel like hands and webbed feet.The wolverine is 4ft long MAX and 2 ft tall MAX. The claws of the wolverine are 2in MAX and teeth 2in MAX.The wolverines habitats are the Artic Tundra
Taiga and Northern forests. -
-childcraft kidsnationalgeographic.com DIET The wolverines diet is caribou,rabbits,snakes,turtles,
fish and berries in the summer. But the wolverine has a very strong stomach. It can eat more food in a sitting then most animals. - polar animal dictionary All about the WOLVERINE Facts and more -Can kill a caribou with a bite to its neck.
-Scientific Name Gulo Gulo.
-Will run 15 miles in a day in search of food.
-If very hungry will dig up hibernating animals to eat.
-Has stinky liquids that can squirt like skunks
kidsnationalgeographic.com Rivals and enemies The wolverine is one of the top predators in
northern forests but he has to fight to
survive against the pumas,wolves,bears,
and badgers. kidsnationalgeographic.com Pictures Wolverine HAHAHAHA bet you didnt
see that coming.... Picture by nationalgeographic.com Picture by animalcorner.co.uk Picture by wolverine foundation.org BYE ;) Picture by animalcorner.co.uk Hey im DYLAN. The wolverine is a bear/wolf animal but it is actually
part of the weasel family. Picture by animaldanger.com CREDITS TO/BIBLIOGRAPHY: Twist Clint.Polar Animals Dictionary.2007.
Childcraft.Childcraft Animal.1997.

4/17/13 kids.nationalgeografic.com
4/17/13 kidsplanet.org
4/17/13 school.eb.com.proxy.elm4you.org
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