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Leadership Begins

with a Bag of Chocolates...

Judi Moreillon

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Leadership Begins

PSLA: Academic Achievement:
School Librarians Are Key "When school librarians are asked,
'who do you serve?'
most would answer, 'students,'
yet the primary clientele in terms
of power, impact, and effect would
be teachers”
(Haycock 3). Leadership Begins with a Bag of Chocolates... Judi Moreillon "The secret of the orchard
is that it needs
to grow"
(Moreillon 141). Six Stories Who I Am? Why I Am Here I Know What You're Thinking “The librarian collaborates closely with
classroom teachers in every subject area
to teach students everything from
making sense of the information…
to [creating] new knowledge”
(PA School Library Project). “…a new librarianship,
one centered on
learning and knowledge,
...where the community
is the collection…”
(Lankes 9). Vision Values in Action “Research informing practice
and practice informing research
is a fundamental cycle
in any sustainable profession”
(Todd 64). Tools
the Path http://cultureofcollaboration.edublogs.com http://wandawiki.wikispaces.com

(2008-2009) “Quotations give us wisdom.
Testimonials give us experience.
Stories give our meanings faces"
(Roubicek ). Remix created by Kristin Fontichiaro at recitethis.com Created at Fodey.com Image created by Nick Vitale Created at cacoo.com Created at picmonkey.com
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