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avery kitchen & jazmyn torres

No description

lib hist

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of avery kitchen & jazmyn torres

Samuel G Fuqua
When Fuqua regained his consciousness he noticed that there were 70 injured people so he helped get them all on to a boat to safety. That showed true sacrifice because he could have used the boat for himself to go get help.
Samuel G Fuqua

Fuqua reacting quickly to the situation he was in, despite his condtion showed true honor.
Tibor showed his patriotism by how he kept his head high during the korean war. He knew he couldn"t give up or back down because he had a purpose. He was protecting america..practically on his own at one point.
Avery Kitchen & Jazmyn Torres
Medal Of Honor

Tibor Rubin deffinetly showed sacrifice when the koreans attacked the u.s at practically 4am. He took over a 30 caliber machine gun after 3 others were hit. He risked his own life to save others. More than he needed too, While he was seriously wounded & practically all by himself
Samuel G Fuqua

Samuel G Fuqua served in Pearl Harbor. What showed his valor was him directing fire rescue and directing fire fighting, after being unconscious for a while.
Samuel G Fuqua: wikipedia and National Medal Of Honor Museum Of Military History

Tibor Rubin :
Samuel G Fuqua

When Samuel G Fuqua fought in Pearl Harbor for his country instead of going to find help for himself showed his patriotism.
Photo Of Samuel G Fuqua

Tibor Rubin
Tibor Rubin was an Army Solider in the U.S Army & fought in the Korean war, & was deffinently worthy of the Medal of Honor
Rubin showed valor when he was captured & taken to the Death Valley for several weeks where they found out he was Hungary. For the next 2 & 1/2 years during the holocast he struggeled to keep himself & everyone else alive. He would crawl out into the prison compound to steal food for him & many orhers from the supply houses. He as well provided medical help & support to everyone around him.
Tibor Rubin honored america with everything he has done & still does today. When he was awarded his Medal of Honor just during the holocaust while he was held captive he got to save 40 lives. & that wasnt even during the war.
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