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Six Sigma

No description

bobby malhotra

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of Six Sigma

Six Sigma helps reduce defects, decrease costs and improve performance

Origin of 6 Sigma
Today, without 6 Sigma,
life would be not as good
Practical meaning
& implications

How to improve the process output by moving the mean?
Greek letter

"Statistical measurement of the variability" or

"Spread of data"

A set of techniques and tools for process improvement across areas

Term comes from statistics and is used in statistical quality control,
which evaluates process capability

The higher the sigma, the fewer the defects, the better the performance.

Statistical modeling of manufacturing processes - A six sigma process is one in which
99.99966% of all opportunities to produce some feature of a part are statistically expected to be free of defects
(3.4 defective features / million opportunities)

The level of six sigma represents a near flawless process (3.4 defects per million opportunities). Most organizations operate at 3 to 4 Sigma

Today over two-thirds of the Fortune 500
organizations use Six Sigma initiatives with the aim of reducing costs and improving quality
By reducing the process output variation
Sunil Malhotra
Lean 6 Sigma
the Combination of 6 sigma with Lean
Focus on value adds from a customer perspective across the end-to-end process
Lean Six Sigma

PwC framework
Lean Six Sigma

5 Phases X 15 Steps
LSS - 3 different approaches
for different situations
PwC offers trainings for 3 LSS approaches
Get your Black Belt
Now, it's time
for some exercise !
Six Sigma
Statistical Interpretation
Possibility of error
-6 Sigma & +6 Sigma

History dates back to 1800's (Karl Fredrick Gauss)

Word coined in 1980's by a Motorola Engineer - Bill Smith.

Lean 6 Sigma Methodology
Fix and existing process
Define - Measure - Analyze - Improve - Control

Lean Six Sigma Methodology
Streamling new or existing process

It is about value creation
Lean Six Sigma
Design a new process
Design - Measure - Explore - Develop - Implement
What can we offer to our clients?

1) Full LSS deployment
2) Improvement projects
3) Trainings
4) Coaching
5) Audits
Lean Six Sigma offerings
Do you need a LSS Belt?
LSS Quiz Time
1 Where did the 6 Sigma symbol originate from?
2 Which company coined the 6 sigma phrase?
3 What was the name of the engineer?
4 As per Jack Welsh, how much did LSS save the Co.?
5 What is the Six Sigma defect level in manufacturing?
6 What is accuracy level for LSS in percentage?
7 What is the 6 Sigma possibility of error range?
8 How many stages / question in PwC's LSS framework?
9 Full form for D

10 How many colors of belts in the LSS certification?
Since then, evolved not only as a
variation management tool
but as -
"a new performance excellence methodology and a strategic culture change tool."

Used to measure how well a process or product meets customers requirements.

Seeks to improve the quality of process outputs by identifying and removing the causes of defects (errors)

Minimizing variability in manufacturing and business processes across the entire business operations

Used by Ford, Toyota, Apple, IBM and today by the entire manufacturing world in addition to other industries, sectors and businesses
" Six Sigma helped GE save over
US $ 2 Billion over 3 years."

" It is in the "Bones" of GE
Management and a crucial
culture management tool "

- Jack Welch, CEO, GE
Delivering Quality Engagements
Lean Six Sigma
at Boeing
Toyota Production Systems
Why are we doing this?
Knowledge is hope
Knowledge is ideas
Knowledge is power
Knowledge is everything

But, only if it is shared and applied
Teams of10
10 DN's
How well did you do?
Define - Measure - Analysis - Improve - Control
How to improve the process
output by moving the mean?
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