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Southwestern United States

No description

Michael Montgomery

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Southwestern United States

Southwestern United States - Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona
The Alamo is located in San Antonio. It is where Texas defenders fell to Mexican General Santa Anna and the phrase
Remember the Alamo
The state was an independent nation from 1836 to 1845.
The first word spoken from the moon on July 20, 1969 was Houston
New Mexico
The Rio Grande is New Mexico's longest river and runs the entire length of New Mexico
The world's first Atomic Bomb was detonated on July 16, 1945 in New Mexico.
Native Americans have been living in New Mexico for 20,000 years. The Pueblo, Apache, Comanche, Navajo, and Ute peoples were in the New Mexico region when Spanish settlers arrived in the 1600s.
Arizona is home of the Grand Canyon National Park
Geronimo was an Apache Indian born in Arizona
Biosphere 2 is one of the world's largest living laboratories.
In 1762, the land was ceded to Spain, but it was reclaimed by Napoleon for France in 1800 and sold to the United States in 1803 as part of the Louisiana Purchase.
In 1834 the area was officially established as the Indian Territory.
Oklahoma was the final stop of the sad "Trail of Tears"
However, in 1907, the Indian Territory and Oklahoma Territory were united to form the state of Oklahoma.
Famous People
and Sports
Will Rogers - actor, comedian
Johnny Bench - baseball player
The Red River Rivalry
is a game played between the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas.
Red River Rivalry
Trail of Tears
Fast Facts
Oklahoma has the largest Native American population of any state in the U.S.
Oklahoma = "red people", okla meaning "people" and humma meaning "red"
It became the 46th state in 1907.
Capital: Oklahoma City
Capital : Austin
History and Events
Remember the Alamo!
Culture and Sports
Texas is home to many sports teams , but the most famous teams are the Dallas Cowboys (NFL), Texas Rangers (MLB) and San Antonio Spurs (NBA).
Austin is considered the live music capital of the world
The state's cattle population is estimated to be near 16 million. Rodeo's are popular events.
America's Team - Cowboys
1. Dr Pepper was invented in Waco in 1885.

2. The armadillo is the official state mammal.
Fun Facts
Capital: Santa Fe
- In 1912, New Mexico became the nation's 47th state.
Culture and History
Ancient Native American Ruins: Anasazi Indians
Fun Facts
Some UFO believers think there was a UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.
New Mexico has far more sheep and cattle than people.
Tens of thousands of bats live in the Carlsbad Caverns. The largest chamber of Carlsbad Caverns is more than 10 football fields long and about 22 stories high
Carlsbad Caverns
28th State - 1845
Facts and History
It became a state in 1912 becoming the 48th state.
The capital, Phoenix, is the 6th largest city in the USA.
It used to be part of the New Mexico Territory.
Apache Indians
Famous People and Places
Grand Canyon
Sports and Culture
Arizona is home to the Phoenix Suns (NBA), Arizona Cardinals (NFL) and the Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB).
Sun Devil Stadium is one of the most unique stadiums in the country is home to the Arizona State University Football team.
Arizona leads the nation in copper production
Biosphere 2
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