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What is science fiction

What is science fiction

David Sirbescu

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of What is science fiction

Morgan, Stanley and Landon The Future Intelligent Lifeforms in the Universe Advancements in Technology Space In Childhood's End beings called
the overlords come to earth What is Science Fiction?
"The assembled vehicles ranged from one-man 'Flitterbugs' to family 'Cadillacs' which were more like airborne palaces than sensible flying machines." The Battle School in Ender's Series, is a "orbiting Platform". True Fact:Stanley like to suck eggs! Morgan is cool. Karellan compared it to "what a man from your stone-age would have felf, if he suddenly found himself in a modern city." Science Fiction can be defined as any fictitious form of entertainment that uses the elements of:
Advancements in Technology, The Future, Space, Intelligent lifeforms in the Universe, or Unrealistic and catastrophic events that reshape humanity. Elements of Science Fiction The "Buggers" from Ender's Shadow are very intelligent and they are definitely not from this world. Unrealistic or catastrophic events that reshape humanity Such as the imminent invasion from the aliens in the Ender Series Time Travel and the future are a big part of the time machine. The time traveler travels to some where far in the future. Aliens The Time Machine
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