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HOW TO MAKE PREZIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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caroline t

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of HOW TO MAKE PREZIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LETS MAKE A PICTURES Choose Insert>Image, and select the image from your computer. Then use the Zebra to arrange it.
Supported formats are JPG, PNG and GIF.
The maximum size for images is 2880 by 2880 pixels. You may succeed in uploading a JPG larger than this, but that will cause many various problems while editing and presenting. (These limitations are coming from the Flash platform itself).
Progressive or CMYK JPEGs and the JPEG2000 format are not supported.
You can upload multiple files at a time - simply select more in the upload dialog.
You can press 'L' any time to start uploading an image.
Currently, Prezi zooms to images to fill the view with them - you cannot zoom them to 100% size. To use an image as a background image, simply make it large, and press 'Send Backward' on the Zebra Menu. PATHS First, click edit steps. Next, click on the frame/ text you want to add. To delete steps, you mouse over it and a red X will appear. Click the red X and the step will disappear. HOW TO VIEW THEM This is how you decide colors and fonts. If you want to be specific click theme wizard. There you can choose the colour of every individual thing. this is how the the zebra stylus works.
Its the circle that apperse when you press the center of a picture or word. To write you must double click where you want to type. Any open space you click will open a text box. To view your path, click on present. At the right bottom corner the commands will be there. click on the right arrow to proceed and the left to go back. To view it in full screen, click on the full screen button. To end it, click the end button. You can also move through steps by using the arrow keys (left and right). To insert a video click media, youtube. Then copy and paste the url into the address bar. THEMES TEXT VIDEOS FRAMES How to start first click new prezi. Then give it a title and a description. After that click create new prezi. Then chose a format. The Zebra To make a frame click frame. Then chose one. After that click an empty spot and drag, to the desired size.
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