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IRT How the guitar has evolved

No description

Liam Singleton

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of IRT How the guitar has evolved

How has the guitar evolved? Why did I choose this topic? What have I done for my IRT?
1. Factual text
2. Book Review
3. Narrative
4. Journal
5. Fine Arts Factual Text Book Review Narrative While I have been going through my IRT I have made a few journal entries. It's our first week of IRT and I'm absolutely freaking out. I can't find any novels that have anything to do with my topic "what is the evolution of the guitar", except at first I was planning on doing hypnosis but I couldn't find anything on it. So I decided to pick the topic on the guitar. 20/7/12 On the weekend I went to do a leather work shop. I went there to learn the basics of leather work, as my fine arts is going to be a leather guitar strap. While I was there I embossed a coaster and laced the outside. I really learnt a lot while I was there, so I think I will do a good job at my fine arts. 28/8/12 now here is an
EPIC GUITAR!!!!!! Oh yeah! Back on subject. Fine Arts 1st entry My fine arts has taken me roughly 3 weeks to complete. This is because I have had to go to a workshop on Saturday mornings at a leather place to use the materials and tools which I needed to make my Guitar strap. Pop art This is called a lute. It was an early form of the guitar. It was mainly used in the middle ages to accompany a singer in many parts of Asia and Europe. That's all folks. Questions? Thanks for watching! Bibliography. I am now going to give some examples of
what sounds and types of music can be made from different types of guitars. Today there are many different types of guitars, not just the sort that you find in the music department. Demonstration Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The guitars that we do see hanging on the walls at music are classical guitars. Today, I will take you through all the things I have done for my IRT and answer those questions about the evolution of the guitar and guitar music.
But first, what is a guitar? Narrative:
"Who's Next?" And how has this affected guitar music? OK. So what about the history of the guitar?

It all started over 3,500 years ago... The first instruments that
look a bit like modern
guitars were made in Spain
in the early 1800s with special thanks to Carlo
from DownTown music, Bruce
from The Basement and influences
including Tommy Emmanuel, ACDC,
Jimmy Little, George Harrison
and Phil And listening! Nice huh? 3rd Entry 13/09/12
Its the night before my presentation. I have just run through my prezi and it takes 16 minutes so I think i will be alright, but I'm still not sure. I hope I do well and don't stuff up in the same spot I keep on stuffing up on.
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