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Labertouche Primary

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of jordan

Active volcanic areas and systems in Iceland
Iceland has a high concentration of active volcanoes due to unique geological conditions.
The island has about 130 volcanic mountains, of which 18 have erupted since the settlement
of Iceland in 874 AD.
flights were cancelled all over world because of a volcano in Iceland. More than 600,000 passengers were affected not to mention some icelandic people who have had to be evacuated from their homes. It wasn't the biggest eruption ever, so why has this volcano caused so much chaos? here are the problems of this:
1: planes cant fly cause' the dust
will get sucked into the turbines
wich will cause the dust and sand
to turn to glass and seize up the
2:people who are on vacation will be stuck
in a forieghn place and cant get home 3:it will cause the aeroplane
companies to lose a lot of
cold hard cash! 4:in iceland there are two
major volcanos.one is big,
and one is small.the one that
just erupted is the small one. the
other one is under a glacier,and if
the smoke and heat melts that glacier
the BIG volcano wich will cause
planes not to fly for a whole year!

its also costing people who
are stuck there a lot of money!
the solutions: 1:take a boat 2:go around the ash learn to run really fast
and run across the water
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