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November Rain

Music Video Analysis Of November Rain By Guns & Roses

Jordan Robinson

on 16 September 2010

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Transcript of November Rain

November Rain Video Background Story Based On The Story "Without You"
From The Book "The Language Of Fear" By Del James Video Is A Narrative All The Way Through The Video Is Still One Of The
Most Expensive Ever Made Coming In
At $1.5M The Video Shows The Couple Getting Married Which Is Interupted When It Starts To Rain After The Ceramony. The Red Wine That Has Fallen And
Spilled Over The Table Specifies
The Blood As The Next Scene Is
At The Brides Funeral. Music Video The Video Actually Tells A
Story Which Can Relate To
The Lyrics If You Think Of
Them In The Right Way Performance This Is A Very Powerful Song
And I Think That The Video
Shows This Perfectly The Last And Main Solo Is One Of The Most Iconic Rock Solo's Of All Time.
The Scene Is In The Packed Out Theatre And Slash Climbes Onto The Piano
And The Solo Begins. The Image Below Sums Up The Scene. The Song Itself Follows In That Of Most Other Of The Genre
They Last About 8 And A Half Minutes Long, Yet The Video
Seems To Tie Everything Together Nicely The Brightest Part Of The
Video Is When Slash Is Playing
A Solo Outside Of The Church.
The Rest Of The Video Has A Very
Dark And Depressing Mood To It
Which Fits In With The Song
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