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yug patel

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Anorexia

What is Anorexia?
Anorexia is an eating disorder that makes you lose weight. Anorexia causes the person to be obsessed with their weight. People with anorexia may also have bulimia a disorder in which they make themselves vomit after eating in order to avoid gaining weight. Anorexia affects more women than men. It is a very serious condition and can result in death if it is not treated properly.
What are some ways you can get over anorexia
By: Roba, Yug, Thavakirthan
Causes of anorexia
Some ways you can cure yourself is by trusting yourself not thinking of what other's say about your body image . To get over anorexia you have to control yourself and not worry about your body image. Well you have to always like yourself and be confident about your body image, and not listen what others say about you.

Bio,psycho,and social effects
The causes of anorexia are simple. People that do not like or appreciate the way their body looks tend to have anorexia. For example, if someone tells you that you are fat, your self esteem will drop and it may cause you to be anorexic. Constant criticism to your body from yourself or other people can also make you become anorexic. To prevent from being anorexic, you can simply accept the way your body looks.
Signs and symptoms
Extreme weight loss
Dry skin
Low blood pressure
Hair loss
Very thin appearance
Dizziness or fainting
Some signs and symptoms of anorexia are:
There are 3 types of effects of anorexia: biological, psychological and social. People with anorexia are often depressed mainly because of the fact that they are anorexic. People with anorexia also have a low self-esteem. They also develop bad behaviors such as destructive behavior. Anorexic people tend to be less social because they are afraid that their body size will be judged or they are not confident enough.
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