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Human Resource Management (Appraisal Performance)

Performance Appraisal

Hsieh Wan-Hsiu

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of Human Resource Management (Appraisal Performance)

HRM Dr. Damon Drummond Team 3 Definition
Performance appraisal means
evaluating an
employee’s current and/or past performance
to his or her performance standards. agenda Introduction Performance management
and Appraisal The importance of performance appraisal
The upward feedback process Case study: APU Teacher Evaluation System. What are the pros and cons? Suggested solution PROS & CONS Upward feedback: A process in which subordinates anonymously rate their supervisor’s performance.
APU Teacher Evaluation Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
pros in the APU Teacher evaluation system &
What are Instruction:
Group 1 to 7: FOR
Group 8 to 12:AGAINST Share your ideas ! Evaluating Time Conculsion in 10 mins Pros
Cons Provide record to track overtime Promote effectiveness Bias
Central tendency
Not comprehensive
By Team 3 Suggestion Reduction
Improve the system: publishing results, making online evaluations… Improving students’
attitudes By Team 3
correct deficiencies Conclusion The importance of using Appraisal performance The pros and cons of Upward feedback The role of HR department team 3 Q&A Evaluate professors’ current performance
How to improve this situation? 1. 2. Discuss in 10 mins Share your ideas! Providing assistance for professors to improve bad peformance Students
Head Officers Education Advisory Committee HR Department 360-degree feedback Thank you for your participation! Managing
Correcting efficiencies
Promoting effectiveness

No clear definition of standard Question: Is the upward feedback system used in APU effective Ho Manh Tung
Hsieh Wan-Hsiu
Dong Yi Fan
Nguyen Ha Van
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