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The Beauty of Life <3 (:

I think people should stop taking their lives for granted, start taking good care of the Earth, because if we don't there's a lot of beauty we're going to lose. So open your eyes and appreciate life more!

Mia Jackson

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of The Beauty of Life <3 (:

THE BEAUTY OF LIFE! (: The reason I chose this topic is because I think
people should stop taking life for granted, start
taking care of our Earth, beacuse without it where
would we be? We all should know that our world
is not infinite. So open your eyes and appreciate
life more! Life is about trusting our feelings
and taking chances, losing and finding
happiness, appreciating the memories
and learning from the past.

These are the blue endless depths of the
sky and the clean-white , fluffy clouds
that we should enjoy while it lasts :) Take time to travel, explore the beauty
of our world. Like these beautiful places
of different parts of the world. Travel This is the island of Fiji, it is known for
it's beautiful, relaxing beaches. This city is Tokyo. It's the capital of Japan.
Tokyo is one of the largest cities in the world! This is Sydney, Australia.
Most of you might remeber it
from Finding Nemo. This is a picture of the ancient
Mayan ruins in Cancun, Mexico. Nature ! Embrace it. It's all around us,
it's not infinite but we should
still try to enjoy it :) Flowers are the symbol of spring
which is the renewal of Nature Life's not all about humans.
We have animals too, we should
embrace their beauty. Even natural diasters are
a big part of nature! This is
a picture of Hurricane Katrina. Animals of all types Love all animals, small, large, furry, hair-less, adorable, creepy, fluffy, or slimy! Penguins, you gotta
love them for their cute
slippery bodies :P This is and example of cute,
fluffy (clapping ?) bunnies This is a cat, predator to
rodents and stalker of night The dolphin, always bringing
smiles to kids and adults alike :) This a picture of the tall, long-necked African giraffe The tall, magestic, elegant, strong
horse running in the wind :P LIFE<3 Fall in LOVE or Fall in Hate Get insprired or Get depressed Ace a test or flunk a class Make babie or make art :S Speak the truth or lie and cheat Dance on tables.... or sit in the corner Life is a divine chaos. Embrace it. Forgive yourself. Breathe. AND ENJOY THE RIDE ! :)
- Thanks for watching BY : miajackson:) Family and friends ! Take time to enjoy life with
your family and friends, spend
quality time with them and maybe
even getting to know your
acquaintances better!
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