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Jessie Jordan

Stock Market Project

Mrs Feeney

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Jessie Jordan

Stock Market Project! Jessie Jordan 4th period Hershey:
I picked Hershey because I figured that since it's a really popular business, the stock prices would be high. Luckily, I got $2,783.20 in profit. Microsoft:
I picked Microsoft because I knew that Bill Gates, the creator, became really rich because his business was so successful. If his business was successful, the stocks should be too. I was wrong though. I only got $44.22 in profit. My advice about investing is to make sure you do a lot of research before
buying stock. If a company's stock looksunsteady, don't buy. In this project, I liked how we got to pick our own stocks and see how they are doing in the real world. If I could change something
about this project, I would want to do our final presentation as a glog instead of using Prezi. I think that glogs tend to have more choices. Jessica Jordan 4th period Microsoft:
I picked Microsoft because I thought that if Bill Gates, the creator, was rich and doing well, so should his stocks. But with a profit of only $44.22, I was wrong. Overall, I'm glad that I didn't invest to much in Microsoft because it didn't do as well as I wanted. Even a couple times the prices dropped but for the most part I made just around $40.OO Hershey's did a lot better than Microsoft. The prices only dropped once but other than that, the prices kept going up. Derry Church, PA was renamed Hershey, PA after
1900 because people loved Milton's generostiy. Milton Hershey wrote and created the recipe for over 10 different candy bars The Hershey company sells things other than chocolate including different drinks, gum, and breath mints. Micorosoft is the program with the most number
of crashes. About 25 million a day. Bill Gates earns about $250.00 a second. If Bill Gates donates 15 to every person on Earth, he will still have about $55 million.
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