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Positive Psychology Essentials

No description

Sukhvinder Pabial

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of Positive Psychology Essentials

What is positive psychology?
Positive Psychology Essentials
Our emotions affect our behaviour and are very transient
Important to only do activities not harmful to yourself or to others
Mindfulness helps us be aware of the experience an action has on us and the impact on others
Genuine actions
We want to seek out actions that help us feel good
When we know certain activities create good feelings we'll repeat those behaviours
Encourages positive emotions that we can repeat at will
Flow means being deeply involved in a task where we feel good, and enjoy the task regardless of how skilled we
are at it.

When in flow, we aren't aware of time passing, we feel energised by the activity and are pleased to have spent time doing the activity.
The Flow we create
Positive Psychology techniques
A reflective practice about your day

Helps you to think about what parts of the day were meaningful for you
As you do it more, the more you set out to do positive things for you to reflect on
Sometimes despite our best efforts, bad things happen e.g. you lose your job, someone you know dies, you have a car accident

Bad things don't last forever

We know that once passed,
we can go back to feeling good

Sometimes may need to find support
to help resolve your thoughts about the event
Bad things happen
I hope this Prezi has provided some insights for you.

It's about finding the things that work for you, in your way.

That's the exciting part about living a vibrant life, it's different for everyone.
There's so much more
Meaning making
When we help others find meaning, we encourage and cultivate positive living
Positive Thinking
Positive Psychology and Positive thinking are not the same thing
Positive thinking is about your mindset
For example - a bad commute into work becomes an opportunity to reflect and practice mindfulness
The study of creating long lasting effects of feeling happy and improving wellbeing.
If you were to make a conscious decision to act positively, what would you do?

If you could re-arrange your week so that you had more positive interactions, what's stopping you from doing this?

If you could help someone else feel better about themselves, how can you go ahead and make this happen?
The Gratitude Visit
Think about someone who helped you in some way
Your Third Place
We all need a place where we can be our best self which is free of judgement, free of pressure and we answer to no-one
Signature Strength
A signature strength is something which, once you identify it, becomes your defining feature.

That is, it is something which creates such a sense of purpose in you that you use that strength in the work you do, the way you live and the way you are.
What did they do that was special?
If you had to articulate it, could you?
And now imagine taking that next step and telling them because they deserve to hear it
Home will be your first place
Work will be your second place
What's your third place?
Blog: pabial.wordpress.com

Twitter: @sukhpabial

LinkedIn: Sukhvinder Pabial
Sukhvinder Pabial
Traditional therapy helps people move from a state of depression to feeling 'normal' - or from -5 to 0

Positive Psychology aims to help people move from 'normal' to 'vibrancy' - from 0 to +5
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