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Fahrenheit 451 Allusions Project

No description

Sarah Karkoura

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Fahrenheit 451 Allusions Project

Fahrenheit 451 Allusions Bertrand Russel Essays "Sweet Food of Sweetly Uttered Knowledge" Bertrand Russell Essays Context Mentioned in Fahrenheit 451 when Granger explains size of network.
Says Bertrand Russel Essays are located in small town in Maryland. Bertrand Russel British philosopher, logician, mathematician, and essayist.
Born 1872, Died 1970
Best known for advocating logic
Founder of analytic philosophy
Leader of British revolt against idealism Bertrand Russell Essays Idealism- the belief that reality is dependent on the mind Co-wrote Principia Mathematic, encouraging use of logic in math.
Wrote "On Denoting", considered model of philosophy
Essays promote large use of logic, anti-idealism Connection F. 451 society doesn't use logic.
Granger and the others believe in use of logic and analyzation.
Montag wanted to lead intellectual revolution Russell Essays Fahrenheit 451 Idealism popular in England
Russell Essays promoted use of logic and applying knowledge.
Russell led the British revolution against idealism. Bradbury's Purpose Bradbury chose to mention the Russell essays because of their revolutionizing, intellect invoking core. The essays are similar to the people they are memorized by, people who want to change their lazy society to a more analytical one. "Sweet Food Of Sweetly Uttered Knowledge." Context Quote used when the fireman are playing cards, right after Montag turns in the book.
Beatty uses contradicting quotes to confuse Montag An Apology For Poetry A.K.A. The Defence of Poesy
Quote comes from this book
Written by Philip Sidney
Published 1595
Response to critical attacks by Stephen Gosson
Defended poetry as knowledgeable literature Stephen argued poetry is: A waste of time
Mother of lies
Nurse of abuse Sidney replied that poetry: is a source of knowledge and civilizing force
teaches virtue
amuses and teaches more than anything else
is fiction and is therefore not lies
is abused by people, not vice versa Connections "Sweet food of sweetly uttered knowledge" Meaning An Apology For Poetry is a debate over the value of literature, Beatty's dream is a similar debate Bradbury's Purpose Quote came from a situation highly relevant to the situation and plot of the story. Bibliography http://www.rlwclarke.net/courses/lits2306/2004-2005/05SidneyAnApologyForPoetry.pdf
http://www.bachelorandmaster.com/criticaltheories/sir-philip-sydney.html "Sweet Food of Sweetly Uttered Knowledge" Bertrand Russell Essays http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/russell/
http://evans-experientialism.freewebspace.com/russell11.htm http://www.butchercricket.com/news/story/526/butchers-burn-the-books
http://www.destgulch.com/movies/f451/ Images Means knowledge is superior to all other things on Earth "I've always said, poetry and tears, poetry and suicide and crying and awful feelings, poetry and sickness, all that mush!" (97).
~ Mrs. Bowles Gosson's arguement is very much like society's, specifically Mrs. Bowles'.
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