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No description

Louie a

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Characters

Hippie Kid
Cap is just another hippie. Growing up and being raised on
Garland Alternative Farm Commune, that's just what you can expect. He studied at Claverage Middle School for a few weeks, but left. Even in his short term as student body president, he made quite a mark. He currently resides at Garland Farm.
Capricorn Anderson
The Big Man
Zach Powers is just a bully. He has his followers/cronies. The nerds (or pretty much anyone) fear him. Once Cap came, he immediately saw prey. But Cap outsmarts Zach's challenges. Zach can be found with Darryl Pennyfield, Grant Tubman, Lena Young & Naomi Erlanger.

Zach Powers
Floramundi Donnelly is Cap's case worker. After Rain's accident (and once being a member of Garland), she decided to take in Cap. She is the mother of Sophie Donnelly.

Sophie Donnelly is an average 16 year old. She has a very shallow personality. She shows a very negative attitude towards Cap (dumping water on him, calling him freakazoid). In the end, she gets her license (thanks to Cap)
and treats him a bit better.
The Donnellys
The Wise One
Rain is Cap's grandma. She started Garland Alternative Farm Commune back in 1967, when hippies were common. She was in the hospital for the majority of the book, due to a plum picking accident. She is mentioned alot in the book, and is depicted as a wise person (like a village elder, in a way).
In the "Schooled" novel
Darryl Pennyfield is Zach Powers' second in command. He is behind the nose incident, even though he meant no
harm. He also happened to be a star player on the Claverage
Condors football team, except he was kicked off the team
after Cap's accident. He eventually starts leaning to Cap's side like alot of people.

Grant Tubman is one of Zach's cronies. He doesn't have
much of a role in the story, except that he associated with
Zach and Darryl.
Zach's Team
The Female Characters
Naomi Erlanger was part of the Zach Powers crew. Before Cap, she was really interested in Zach. When Cap came, she changed. now she thinks Zach is a jerk. She is
interested in tie dying and tai chi because of Cap's school-wide influence.

Lena Young is the star cheerleader in the book. She doesn't
really appear much in the book. She can be found with the Zach Powers crew.
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