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What is a good web design?

A prezi about good web designs.

Michelle Hahn

on 3 June 2011

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Transcript of What is a good web design?

web design? like what it says, it's a design for website Why is web design so important? If you're going to promote or advertise something, you want people to see it. With more people using to the modern technology, website is a reasonable option to show information. !FIRST IMPRESSION IS EVERYTHING!
A good website, needs a good design
to interest the viewer enough to even care about idea of the website. A good website should never confuse the viewer. how to achieve a good website 1. COLOR
choose a general color or a color scheme
Colors on a website should be consistent, but pleasant to see.
Experiment with colors
MAKE SURE TO CHOOSE A COLOR THAT RELATeS TO YOUR IDEA!! THE KEY INTO MAKING A GOOD WEBSITE IS TO BE: FLEXIBLE main color of the website corresponds to the idea of the website: cheese. 2. content
Decent amount of text should be on the page and should be relevant to the idea.
The text should be located somewhere you and the viewer can easily find the text.
Not all the information needs to be in one area, can be spaced out. WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE FLEXIBLE??
If your design does not work the way you plan, be FLEXIBLE and try again. Experiment, try almost everything. Get used to the idea of not always being perfect, but trying your best. Remember art, design, or anything is very subjective, everyone thinks differently. Think like the viewer and create a web design that suits you and the viewer. 3. ARRANGEMENT
Arrangement is vital to putting all your information together.
Not everything has to be creative, it could be simple, depending on who the website is geered towards.
However, to achieve a visually good website, think outside of the box. 4.
Navigation throughout the website should be simple and noticebale for the viewer to use. 5. Background
The background of the website doesn't always have to be a solid color, could be enlargened images.
Whatever the background is, it should be relevent to the idea. If going for a gradient background.
be careful!! Usually gradient backgrounds may make the website look more of powerpoint.
Experiment with different gradient backgrounds.
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