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Are Enzymes Reusable?

No description

Wills Reed

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of Are Enzymes Reusable?

. . Are Enzymes Reusable? Materials:
Test tubes
Hydrogen Peroxide
Ruler process Cut 5 potatoes into triangles of 1.1 cm. We put 10 ml. of Hydrogen peroxide in each test tube for 5 minutes. All the potatoes bubbled in the first trial We washed off the hydrogen peroxide from the potatoes, and the test tubes. Then we Put the same potatoes, free of substrate, back in their respective tubes. Substrate Enzyme Test tubes With the potatoes back where they started, we did all of that again to see if the potato would make the hydrogen bubble again Results: We were of course all the while, taking notes., and Data. So.......... Ella, Jake, and Wills Conclusion: We are certain that enzymes are reusable, due to the fact that the potato bubbles both times. Most of our data was qualitative The End!
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