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Writing style in the Crucible

No description

Mina Misak

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Writing style in the Crucible

Arthur Miller
Personal experience with HUAC
Writing style in "The Crucible"
Miller also includes the stage directions and notes regarding specific characters, the setting, and the general mood of the play.
Example: "As the curtain rises, Reverend Parris is discovered kneeling beside the bed, evidently in prayer. His daughter, Betty Parris, aged ten, is lying on the bed, inert" (Act I, p. 3).
Miller's personal experience with HUAC.
What is HUAC?
=House Un-American Activities Committee
The HUAC was an investigative committee in the United States House of Representatives which was meant to look into suspected cases of subversion and disloyalty to the United States government.
The HUAC is best known for the investigation of Alger Hiss and for its investigation of the Hollywood film industry, which led to the blacklisting of hundreds of actors, writers and directors.

Miller's Conflict with
the HUAC
In May 1957, a judge convicted Mr Miller for refusing to tell the (HUAC) the names of alleged Communist writers with whom he attended five or six meetings in New York in 1947.
He had been questioned by the HUAC in 1956 over a supposed Communist conspiracy to misuse American passports and willingly answered all questions about himself.
But Arthur Miller, married to actress Marilyn Monroe, refused to name names.

Writing Style in
"The Crucible"
Miller writes his novel in a simple old fashioned style.
Written in a dialogue form
The narrative asides are slightly more complex and use regular, standard, 1950s everyday language.
Relation to...
Arthur Miller researched the incidents and lives surrounding the Salem Witch Trial.
While a riveting story in its own right, Miller had inspiration from an event that took place in his own life. The play was written as a societal and political statement for a 1950s audience
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