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Which fruits or vegetables float or sink?

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Victor Rex

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Which fruits or vegetables float or sink?

If we put fruits or vegetables into water, then every fruit or veggie would float because they both contain water and since water contains oxygen they will float.
5 different fruits/veggies (Banana, Potato, Strawberry, Cucumber, Apple)
Graduated cylinder
Pocking Stick
5 Paper Towels
50 ml of water from tap

Density: 10 g/10.5 ml= 0.95 g/ml

Density: 10 g/9 ml= 1.11 g/ml

Density: 9 g/10 ml=0.90 g/ml

Density: 10 g/13 ml= 0.76 g/ml

Density: 10 g/9 ml= 1.11 g/ml
Analyzing Results
I really enjoyed this experiment. However, there were some problems, which also impacted the results of our experiment. In class we didn't have enough knives to cut all the fruits into 25g pieces. This meant that we had to share the knives and wait for the other groups to finish with there cutting. At the end we only have 4 fruits done for one trial. However, we collected all of our results in a google doc. Another problem was that the 25g pieces didn't fit into the graduated cylinder. We decreased amount of fruit and veggies to make the pieces fit into the cylinder. A worst problem that we had was that the density of some objects were to heavy or to light to float or sink. We didn't Solve that problem because the noticed that at the end
In this experiment we were trying to find out if certain fruit or vegetables float or sink. We tries to find the results by placing 5 different foods into water and waiting for it to float or sink. In my hypothesis I predicted that every fruit or vegetables would float because they contain water and water have oxygen. However, I was wrong and potatoes don't float.
are not very dense and that means that they are the lightest with 0.76 g/ml.
are the densest with 1.11 g/ml.
Which fruits or vegetables float or sink?
Independent Variable:
Fruit or Vegetables
Dependent Variable:
Amount of water displaced(ml/l)
Controlled Variables:
Same amount of water in every cylinder
Same weight of fruit/vegetable
Same scale to measure fruit/veggie
Same graduated cylinder
Same kind of water (for tap)
Fruit/Veggie can not stick on sides
1. Gather Materials
2. Set up equipment
3. Cut food into 10g pieces so they fit into graduated cylinder
4. Put one food into cylinder with water
5. Write down if food floats of sinks
6. give it 25 second to sink or float and use timer
7. Submerge food into water it is floating
8. Measure displaced water
9. Record data
10. Repeat steps 3 to 9

Volume: Mass / Density
Mass: Density x Volume
Density: Mass / Volume
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