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Office Depot Case Study

No description

Dustin Pet

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Office Depot Case Study

Office Depot History Financial Information Founded in 1986 by F. Patrick Sher
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
In late 1987, David I. Fuente assumed the post of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
1990 Office Depot had 173 stores in 27 states
1990 they merged with Office Club inc. becoming the largest office supply company in North America
Between 1995 and 1998, the Company opened stores in Poland, Hungary and Thailand under international licensing agreements and in Mexico, France and Japan under joint venture agreements.
2010-2011 Neil Austrian becomes CEO
1,680 stores world-wide$11.5billion in sales
Operate in 60 countries!
Mission Statement “Delivering- Our actions speak louder than words. We are accountable: doing what we say we’re going to do—efficiently and on time. 2) Winning- We act with confidence. We’re proud to win. We push ourselves to greater heights. And we don’t settle for less than being the best. 3) Solutions- We listen to our customers and understand their needs. We offer products, services, and innovative thinking that enable our customers to achieve success. 4) Inspire- Our inspiration is contagious ad enables us to unleash creativity to help people achieve their goals. Our motivation and enthusiasm inspire others to succeed. 5) Worklife- We combine our energy for work with our passion for life----creating a fuller, more enriched lifestyle. We share the desire to maximize human potential to achieve personal dreams” Vision Statement 1)Integrity- We earn the trust and confidence of associates, customers, suppliers, and shareholders, by being open, honest and truthful in all that we do.
2)Innovation- With a culture of creativity a thirst for intelligent risk-taking, we aspire to do what has never been done.
3)Inclusion- We approach all opportunities and challenges by respecting the diverse thoughts, beliefs, backgrounds, cultures and energies of all associates, customers and suppliers.
4)Customer Focus- We fuel our customer’s dreams by anticipating and listening to their needs and passionately delivering on our promises. Failure is not an option, as we promise to “wow” on recovery. 5) Accountability- We are responsible for achieving and sustaining unprecedented results that create extraordinary value to our shareholders, customers, and employees” Value Statement GP. in 2011 $3,424,446
Net income 2009 (-)$626,971
Net income 2011 $59,989 (Year of New CEO Mr. Austrian)
Stock ranges 1.51-3.81

History “Our mission is to be a global, leading innovator as a supplier of office products and services for consumers and business of all sizes while creating a positive impact on the environment. We continually strive to deliver our customers favorably-priced products, beneficial services, and the latest in digital imaging and printing technology. We will earn the trust of our stakeholders by being open, honest, and faithful in all that we do. We will also be responsible for achieving and sustaining unprecedented results that create value to our customers, employees, and stake holder through personal commitment, sensible thrift, collaboration, and shared leadership” Competitors Current Strategies 1.Improving operating performance while reducing costs.
2.Created new pricing and promotions.
3.Implementing in-store customer service initiatives.
4.Redesigning marketing and merchandising strategies.

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