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No description

cassidy ledbetter

on 19 January 2016

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Transcript of Affluenza

Affluenza: psychological malaise supposedly affecting wealthy young people.
A problem gripping our country.

"Just a little bit more"
“just a little bit more” will finally buy happiness. (Source E)
Greed, not need

"Something is Missing"
Affluenza is a state of mind that includes extreme materialism and consumerism associated with the pursuit of wealth and success and resulting in a life of chronic dissatisfaction, debt, overwork, stress, and impaired relationships
Passion, or Obsession?
"I think it fair to say that the current ardor, (or passion) of the american faith in money easily surpasses the degrees of intensity achieved by other socities in other times and places."
(Source F).
Passion in the sense of:
American strive for wealth
and are passionate
about gaining it.
However it is an obsession because: Its all we think about
and strive for and it is all that we
care about and always try to
be like other places and conform
to their version of happiness,
instead of finding it ourselvs.

Nothing is missing, its a matter of greed.
Other side: " But what if that one thing to tie the room together is what she is talking about?"
Nothings missing, the room has nothing to tie together.
consumerism in this country is at an all time high.
discussion: Iphone
Source D
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