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World Police USA


l. poeppel

on 15 March 2010

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Transcript of World Police USA

World Police USA World Police USA? Agenda Korean War South Korea is attacked by North Korea and China
US: communism endangers democracy
UN troops supports SK main character USA Vietnam War same problem as Korean War
UdSSR supports North
USA joins war World War I neutral to war in the beginning
entry into the war because of German submarine warfare
AFTER: attempts to secure fair procedure with Germany
not successful: USA retreats from European affairs
World War II neutral to war in the beginning
armament because of Germans claim to power 1938
supplies for Allied Forces
entry into the war because of Pearl Habor
AFTER: supports Germany
Afghanistan UdSSR tries to spread communism
later: assimilation by military enforcement
civilians rebel against UdSSR under leadership of Taliban
USA supports Afghanistan unofficially Libanon political and religious tensions
moslem party wants Libanon to join the Arab-Republic
Libanon requests help to stay western aligned
US military intervenes Several international US involvements Germany after WW2
Suez Crisis
Six-Day War
Gulf War One
Gulf War Two Iraq is rearmed by USA to secure Iran borders
Iraqi debts lead to assault at Kuwait
USA lead UN-Forces to help Kuwait against Iraqi opression
What is police? What is "worldpolice"?
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