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Amazon Rain Forest

No description

Terri Turner

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of Amazon Rain Forest

About Amazon
Features of the Amazon
Largest tropical rainforest
Produces 20% of the world oxygen
Broken into four different layers by researchers
"Lungs of the World"
Largest rainforest in the world, therefore it filters a large amount of CO2 out of our atmosphere.
Therefore, we need to protect the amazon from pollutants ex. Ecuadorian oil spill
The Indigenous People
About 10 million Indians were living in the rain forest 500 yrs. ago
Present day less than 200,000 indigenous peoples are left

Fun Facts!
Terri Turner, Mel Graves, Gabby Dunning, Kory Welsch, Blake Fennessy
Amazon Rain Forest
The Amazon Rain Forest is a tropical rainforest that runs through the drainage basin of the Amazon River and in nine countries. It is approximately 2,300,000 square miles.
"Lungs of the World"
The more logging and acts of deforestation is leading to the rainforest producing less and less oxygen.
More than 90 tribes have been destroyed since the 1900's
The group, shaman, has knowledge of medicinal plants, species and animals, and can supposedly contact the spirit world.
Human settlements in the Amazon date back to 32,000 to 39,000 years ago.
The Indigenous People
Where is the Amazon Rain Forest?
Home to 10% of the world’s known species
Home to 20% of the world’s birds
Home to many dangerous species
cougar, jaguar, anaconda
Home to about 2 and a half million different insect species
Home to over 40,000 plant species
Thank you!
Historic Cause and Effect Situations
Plentiful with resources
Anticancer plants
People built around rain forest
preserve natural resources
Protects cardiovascular system
helps resists cell damage
Reduce risk of heart attack
Helps depression
Energy boost
Aids digestion
Strengthen blood
High in potassium, low in salt
Prevent Kidney Caner
Protects eyes
Inside peel
relieves itching and irritation
polishes leather
Helps with withdraw
Quitting smoking
Anticancer Plants
Many Amazon plants have medicinal qualities
70% of anticancer plants are found in the Amazon
90% of Amazon plants have not been studied in science
Leaves open doors for future
Overall Effect
The amazon is home to an abundance of resources. With the nutritious foods and medicinal plants, it was a great place for civilization. That is a reason that it has become an important aspect of South American history.
increased population
higher standard of living
longer lifespan
abundance of resources
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