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What is PPC and why would i be good at it?

By Liam Loughney

Liam Loughney

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of What is PPC and why would i be good at it?

By Liam Loughney What is PPC ? and why would I be good at it ? What is PPC? How do you engineer a successful pay per click advertising campaign? Why would I Be Good at it ? Search engines like Google and Bing allow businesses and individuals to buy listings in their search results.

These listings appear along with the natural, non-paid search results.

Ads can also be viewed on websites where advertisers pay the host only when their advert is clicked.

Advertisers are able to bid on relevant search queries (keywords) AdWords Google AdWords is Google's online advertising program.

Simple, effective ads and serves them to people who are already searching online

Adwords ads appear on the right side of the page and sometimes in a highlighted box above the organic search listings.

Google doesn't accept payment to place websites or documents in organic search results.

Advertisers can now reach their desired audience with Google AdWords ads on hundreds of thousands of sites across the web,

Today, users see our ads while they are on their mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, while they are watching video content on YouTube, while they are using a favorite app, and more. A degree in Advertising and Marketing related subject.

Proficiency in MS Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

Ability to analyse and interpret data

Methodical approach to completing tasks

Good communication skills

Confident, articulate and commercial driven with a passion for digital marketing and an understanding of online acquisition. 

Excellent analytical, organizational, project management and time management skills to work on several campaigns and tasks at the same time in a deadline driven atmosphere.

Outstanding ability to think creatively, and identify and resolve problems.

Ability to learn new industries and new business types quickly and can apply this knowledge to internet marketing initiatives and achieving client goals.

High levels of integrity, autonomy, and self-motivation. Ad copywriting suggestions/implementation
A/B multivariate testing
Ad Quality review
Ad group structure & setup
Landing page review
Landing page creation (additional fees apply)
Ad scheduling and incremental bidding
Dashboard setup
Content and display networks management
Remarketing on the display network
Google Extension ads
Product Listing Ads management
Keyword list expansion and reduction
Negative keyword list expansion and reduction
Keyword match type assessments
Multiple search engine account management (Google, Bing, Facebook, etc;) PPC Services 1. Track Conversions
2. Manage Your PPC Budget
3. Find Niche Keywords
4. Good Writing
5. Go for quality PPC marketing operates using an auction-based system.

Advertisers enter a bid for each of their chosen keywords, representing the amount they are willing to pay for a click to their website. Bid the most and you have a chance of ranking number 1 in the sponsored results.

If someone clicks on your PPC listing, they arrive at your website, and you are charged the amount you bid. So, if you bid 0.15p per click on ‘shoes’, and that’s the highest bid, you’ll probably show up first in line. If 100 people click on your PPC listing, then the search engine or PPC service will charge you 15.00.

Experience with website analysis using analytics tools including Google Analytics

Experience working with popular PPC ad platforms (AdWords, Yahoo, Bing).

AdWords certification on the way ?

. Where will I see PPC ads? How much does PPC marketing cost? Quantifiable results

Immediate traffic

Geographic targeting

Control of budget

Control of message and landing page Why is PPC so good? Maximizing Pay-Per-Click Marketing Efficiency In order to get the most out of your pay-per-click marketing or affiliate marketing campaign, you need to follow a few best practices: Identify Numerous Traffic-Driving Keywords and Potential Traffic Sources

Create Closely Related Keyword Groups

Convert Keyword Groups into Ad Groups

Designate Negative Keywords

Delegate Your Budget with AdWords Bidding Strategies and AdWords Bid Management

Create Ad Text that Relates to Your Ad Group's Keywords

Create Landing Pages that are Relevant to Your Keywords and Ad Text

Repeat the Process Daily Carrying out these processes will provide you with: Higher Quality Score - The above is the search-engine prescribed formula for raising your AdWords click-through rate and keyword Quality Scores.

Lowered Costs - By increasing Quality Score, your account will see lower first-page bids, and you'll be able to pay less for a better ad position in Google's sponsored links.

Improved Traffic Quality - In continually creating more and more relevant ads and landing pages while finding new keyword opportunities and carefully constructing ad groupings, you are not only lowering your costs by way of pricing incentives from the engines: you're also creating a keyword portfolio that gets iteratively better targeted with time. PPC also implements the so-called affiliate model, that provides purchase opportunities wherever people may be surfing.

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.

An affiliate is an individual who drives traffic to online merchants. When a sale, lead, or other agreed action takes place, the affiliate will earn a commission.

Affiliates drive traffic in many different ways but the most common methods are via website or blog content, or paid traffic from search engines’ advertising services.

It is a pay-for-performance model: If an affiliate does not generate sales, it represents no cost to the merchant. Variations include banner exchange, pay-per-click, and revenue sharing programs. Affiliate Models
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