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Causes of uneven development

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sven bergmann

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Causes of uneven development

By Agathe, Florien and Sven South America Causes of Uneven development in the World Due to past events in the world, uneven development can be found anywhere in the world. this can be because of various reasons: past war and conflicts, colonialism,global warming, corrupt government, lack of natural resources and a poor economy. Historical Political:
Historical:1500century colonialism. Our Main Focus: South America Uneven development can also happen because of environmental factors:
+= good coal, sea for trading, good nature, enough water and food, and enough necessary resources.
-= mountains, drought, floods, no access to clean water, average journey for water and bad weather.
These environmental differences cause uneven development at a global scale. Environmental Uneven development can also be cause globally by political issues. these are often caused by factors such as, unbalanced government, wars, trade liberalization and corruption. Political Global uneven development can also happen due to economical facotrs. These can be because of the fact that some country's or states around the world have more power, or global effect than the rest. This is why some places develop faster than others with a different economy. Also debt can slow down economic growth. Economical - How many countries are there in south america?
- What is the state most affected by uneven development?
- What is the most developed place in South America?
- What is the most intresting thing you've learnt? Quiz Answers:
1.13 countries
2.poverty, colonialism, unequal development
3.the richest country is Argentina with a GDP capita of 17,7000 dollars.but the most developed and uneven developed country is Brazil.
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