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Common Misconceptions About Spanish

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Cherin Szul

on 20 October 2013

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Transcript of Common Misconceptions About Spanish

While you may envision a Mexican to look a certain way, that is just a stereotype. All latinos, including Mexicans, come in all colors. There are plenty of light skinned and even black skinned Mexicans. You don’t have to look a particular way to be Mexican. The lighter skinned Mexicans likely have more Spanish blood as opposed to more indigenous blood or descent.

8. A Mexican can be blonde with blue eyes?
6. The U.s. has a larger spanish-speaking population than Spain?

5 de mayo has nothing to do with independence. It is not even a national holiday in Mexico. It has more relevance as a commercial holiday in America. In Mexico, it is essentially only celebrated in the town of Puebla, where it commemorates the underdog victory of the Mexican army over the French in 1862… France later went on to win that war. Mexico’s actual Independence Day is September 16. The 15th and 16th are by far the biggest national celebrations in Mexico.

5. Cinco de Mayo is Mexico's Independence Day.

There are still at least 68 indigenous languages alive in Mexico. The most popular, Nahuatl, is the language of the Aztecs. Like the U.S., the Mexican government has not declared Spanish to be an official language. About 6% of their population speak only their indigenous language.

So what is? Well, the US doesn’t actually have an “official” language. Currently, English is the most spoken language. Always a topic of debate whether we should declare English the official language, meaning all business must be conducted in English, US congress has only gone so far to declare it a “common, binding language”. Although 27 states have declared English the official language for the state.

2. English is the official language of the U.S.?

10. Taco Bell is Mexican food?

9. More people speak English as a native language than Spanish worldwide?

Different countries have different accents, and even different words for things. Just like the English spoken in England is different from the English spoken in the U.S. What do Americans call a “lift”? In Puerto Rico, you wait for a “guagua” while in Costa Rica you wait for a “bus”

1. Spanish is spoken the same everywhere?
The states of California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, most of Arizona, Colorado, and Texas were all Mexican territory until the Treaty of Guadalupe was signed in 1848.

1. Mexico 109,955,400
2. Colombia 45,013,674
3. United States 44,321,038
4. Argentina 40,677,348
5. Spain 40,491,051
6. Perú 29,180,899
7. Venezuela 26,414,815

3. The state of New Mexico was once part of Mexico?

What do you really know about the Spanish language??
In your notebook, write true or false for the following questions:

1. Spanish is spoken the same everywhere.
2. English is the official language of the U.S.
3. New Mexico was once part of Mexico.
4. Everyone in Mexico speaks Spanish.
5. Cinco de Mayo is Mexico’s Independence Day.
6. The U.S. has a larger Spanish Speaking population than Spain.
Belonged to Mexico

7. A person who speaks spanish as a native language is spanish?
A person from Spain is Spanish. A person who speaks Spanish is Hispanic, or latino. While this term includes everyone, the people identify with their own country. Therefore, a person from Mexico is Mexican and someone from Colombia is Colombian. Just like someone who is English is a person who is from England. An American is not English, unless they were born in England. Likewise, American is not a language. Be careful between Nationality and Language. They often do not match.

Spanish is the second most common language worldwide, only behind Mandarin Chinese. English follows in 3rd place.

Taco Bell is an American restaurant that serves American food. There is little to nothing authentic about the food they serve. A truly authentic Mexican taco would be on a soft corn tortilla, with bistec, cilantro, onion, and a squeeze of lime. At best, Taco Bell could be considered Tex-Mex food.

4. Everyone’s first language in Mexico is Spanish?
7. A person who speaks Spanish is Spanish.
8. A Mexican can be blonde & blue eyed.
9. English is more common than Spanish worldwide.
10. Taco Bell is Mexican food.
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