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Pretty Little Liars

No description

Cate Brizendine

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Pretty Little Liars

Plot & Comparison
The setting of the story is in Rosewood, Pennsylvania during the present time of 2006
The story also takes place at Spenser's barn, Hanna's house, Emily's house, Aria's house, Rosewood High School, and Noel Khan's party
The POV changes from Hanna, Aria, Emily, and then Spencer. The POV doesn't go in this order.
The book is written in third person.
POV & Setting
Everyone in the story has their own rising actions. Their rising actions all lead to the same climax in the end.

Hanna's rising actions:
Hanna gets caught stealing Tiffany Co. jewelry and had to go to jail where she gets a text from A.
Hanna gets into a car wreck with Mona in Sean's (Hanna's ex boyfriend) dad's car, which was a BMW 760i
(pg. 220-222)

Aria's rising actions:
Aria walks into school one day and comes to find that her teacher is the guy she kissed back at the bar. She was shocked. Her phone then buzzed with a message from A.
(pg. 66)
Aria is giving her speech whenever Ezra stops her in the very beginning paragraph. When she goes to sit back down she see that she got a text from A.
(pg. 137 paragraph 9) (pg.138 and pg.139 paragraph 7)
A sends Aria a message while she is over at Ezra's apartment the night of Noel Khan's party. The message freaks Aria out and she leaves in a panic
. (pg. 205 paragraph 2) (pg. 206)

Emily's rising actions:
Emily gets into a fight with her boyfriend Ben during swim practice because Emily called him slow.
(pg.151 paragraph 2) (pg.152 paragraphs 1-5)

Emily gets grounded by her mom for missing Wednesday's practice to go hang out with Maya at the creek and for lying to her about tutoring spanish.
(Chapter 18 pgs. 166-169 to paragraph 4 on pg. 169)
Emily is caught by Ben when she and Maya where kissing in the photo booth. Ben then throws the beer he got for her and himself at Maya's face and on Emily's shirt.
(pg.197 paragraph 2) (pg. 198)

Spencer's rising actions:
Spencer gets her PSAT scores back from The College Board. She got 2350 out of 2400 on the test which was better than Melissa's score. She decided to show her parents at dinner and to Melissa. During dinner she found the perfect opportunity when her dad suggested that they play a game of Star Power (you go around the table and tell everyone your biggest achievement of the day).
(pg. 124 paragraph 2)
Spencer comes home one day from practice with her back in extreme pain. She lathers on icy hot to try and sooth her pain. She then runs out and walks into the house to get more. Spencer then pulls up her shirt and puts on the icy hot and rubs it on her lower back. Wren walks in on accident and ask if he could help with her pain. Spencer agreed. It felt amazing. The moment ended though when Spencer's mother called Wren to talk to Melissa on the phone.
(pg. 175-177)

Climax of the story
Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna all follow the procession out to the gravel parking lot. Spencer saw Mrs. DiLaurentis and wanted to say how much she missed her, but as she was about to tell her Aria's phone buzzed. Then Spencer's vibrated. Then Hanna and Emily's phones buzzed. They all took their phone out and all of them pressed the READ. The message said...............You need to read the book to find out!
(pg. 285-286)

Hanna Marin- She is a skinny brunette who is popular with everyone in Rosewood High. Her best friend is Mona Vaderwaal who also is her partner in crime when it comes to shopping. Hanna steals stuff from the mall and also has an eating disorder that only she knows about since the start of it back in 9th or 10th grade.

Aria Montgomery- Aria is the girl that everyone remembers as being the punk rock girl with pink highlights in her hair. Now those days are gone because, while in Iceland, she got rid of the pink hair and changed her look. She is now that girl that is dating her English teacher Ezra Fits.

Spencer Hastings- Spencer is the "star" girl who always gets her homework done and is very organized. She is also a tall and beautiful field hockey player. Her parents always ignore her and never pay any attention when her big sister Melissa is around. Melissa doesn't know that Spencer also gets into trouble with her boyfriends.

Emily Fields- Emily is the girl that does everything her parents want her to do including to be a swimmer on her school swim team. Her boyfriend's name is Ben and she isn't sure if she likes him anymore because of her new friend Maya Daniels. Now Emily is trying to find out who she really is while still mourning over her friend Alison.

Alison Dilaurentis- Alison was the best friend of the 4 girls on the left. She was a nasty person sometimes but could be one of the sweetest. No one knows where she went other than the fact she is gone. All the girls still think about her all the time when they are in situations that remind them of her.

Mona Vanderwaal- Mona is the stuck up best friend of Hanna who gets Hanna to do anything she wants her to do.

Ezra Fitz- Ezra is the laid back English teacher who is now dating one of his students, Aria.

Maya Daniels- Maya is the girl who smokes pot and drinks, but has the biggest heart. She and Emily are best friends who tell each other their secrets.

Wren Kingston- Wren is the doctor who is about to marry Melissa, but who he really wants is Spencer.

A- A is the mastermind behind the scheme to take down the four girls and make sure they suffer terribly. What the four girls don't know is who is A?

Rising Action
Character's relationships
Book Trailer!
Rosewood Pennsylvania
The Character relationships are:

Emily, Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Alison used to be best friends. They would tell each other almost everything, but most of their secrets they told to Alison. When Alison disappeared though, the girls couldn't keep the group together until now.

Wren and Melissa are engaged and about to get married soon.

Alison was the best friend to four girls who broke apart after she left.

Hanna is dating Sean who is tall and has blondish, brown hair. Hanna and Sean have been dating since the tenth grade but at Noel Khan's party, Hanna goes too far and the two break up in the end.

Emily is dating Ben who has freckles, piercing blue eyes, slightly stubbly jaw, and a beautifully chiseled swimmer's body. He really likes Emily, but she keeps questioning whether or not she really does like him because of Maya.

Aria is dating Ezra Fitz, the new English teacher at Rosewood High. Aria and Ezra share all the same interest in books, movies, and in a lot of other things too. She has deeply fallen in love with him, but is afraid that A may tell everyone about her new boyfriend including her parents.

Spencer is having an affair with Wren who she really likes even thought she knows it is wrong.
In this book there is no resolution. You would need to read the other 14 books in the series to figure out the ending.
Theme of the Story
Young Adult (Teens)
Fiction (could be real though)
The plot of the book Pretty Little Liars is about four best friends who start to get messages from a character named A. A knows who they are and all of their secrets, but who is A? Who is sending them the text? In this book you are learning how their lives go from normal to complicated in just one text. To find out what happens next you need to read the second book in the series
I compare Pretty Little Liars to The Lying Games.
Pretty Little Liars
The Lying Games
four best friends
They are getting text from someone named A
Alison is the best friend who died
The text messages only reveal stuff that Alison would know
The girls search to find out who A is.
Is about a girl named Megan Paxton
She is from Arizona
Megan has an identical twin sister named Sutton Mercer
She messages Sutton on facebook and Sutton told her they need to meet
Sutton is actually dead though
Now Megan and Sutton's boyfriend Ethan search to find out who her killer is
They both in include someone who died
Megan and the four girls are searching for the killer of someone
The book is written by the same author
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