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Civil Unions

No description

Hannah Trewitt

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Civil Unions

Marriage Civil Unions The Sad Truth Closets are for clothes. Gay Rights are Civil Rights 37 years Fix marriage, not gays. 1,138 300 State level Hate is not a family value. I Can't Even Think Straight. This is not a white flag. Security (But read the fine print) Unreliable range dignity Clarity Tax Benefits Adopting Children Inheritance Hospitalization Social Security/Economic Benefits Joint parental control Joint insurance coverage Federal Protection A Spectrum of Injustices. Civil Unions Cause Outrage. Implementing Equality? There are bigger things to fight for: Hate Crimes Job and Housing discrimination. HIV/AIDS FEAR 2004-2008, 19 states Solution? Do civil unions do more harm than good? TRUE EQUALITY (Same sex marriages) LEGAL EQUALITY Or at the very least: Stop fussing with partnerships that slow the progress of the movement as a whole. OR (Separate legal matters from marriage) Allow legal benefits only for domestic partnerships for both same sex and opposite sex couples.
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