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War at Sea and Sky

No description

Vincent Ruan

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of War at Sea and Sky

War at Sky WAR AT SEA & SKY During WW1 By Seiiyinthan, Vincent, Nilushan War at Sea Canada's Role at Sea Canada's Role at Sky Billy Bishop Types of Ships Dreadnoughts U-boats William Barker Types of Planes AEG G IV Central Powers AIRCO D.H.4 Allied Forces Types of Planes II GOTHA G.IV SIKORSKY ILYA MUROMET Central Powers Allied Forces 350 Men 2 Ships Dogfights Famous Battles at Sea Heavily Armed Steam-powered Stronger Guns Diesel Engines Torpedoes Periscope Battle of Jutland Battle of the Falkland Islands The Zeebrugge Raid Battle of Jutland Largest surface naval battle Heavy Winner? Losses VS Battle of the Falkland Islands vs Occured in the Falkland Islands in South Atlantic 575 People from the German crew died Little Damage To British Ships The Zeebrugge Raid decorated 50 Victories Victoria Cross Zeppelins VS Dover Patrol 900 160 ships men Roger Keyes Dirigibles Bombings Ground Attacks 25 000 men 2 Victoria Crosses 72 planes Ace Victoria Cross 2 or more planes Recruitment Dangerous 1 pilot 1 gunner Cruisers Battlecruisers Battleship Canada's most pilot Unterseeboot Awarded the
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