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The Trickster Archetype

No description

Kelsey Winton

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of The Trickster Archetype

The Trickster Archetype
Things to Remember
Carl Jung notes: Trickster is not just a clown

Resistance to conformity is based on challenging authority.
The trickster is not that person to demonstrate said challenge with simplistic adornments.
Trickster? What's That?
A character who plays tricks or otherwise disobeys normal rules and conventional behavior.

Challenge authority
to bring social change
Who is a Trickster?
Anything from a Gods to heroes, anti-heroes, animals, spirits
In Mythology
Trickster deity breaks the rules of the gods or of nature

Ultimately it has a positive effect.

Takes place in the form of thievery

Sometimes the rules/social norm are changed from the tricksters involvement.

Usually they are horribly punished

Their indomitable spirit - or foolishness-- keeps him coming back for more.
The Trickster Character:
Openly mocks authority
encourages impulse and enthusiasm
seeks out new ideas and experience
destroys convention and complacency
Promotes chaos and unrest
At the same time the Trickster brings
New knowledge or wisdom
A social change
New social norm.
The Con Man
The Gentleman Thief
Karmic Trickster
Master of Illusion
Rascally Rabbit
Wily Coyotes
Trickster Twins
Turn Coat
3 - 2 - 1
3: Things that the trickster brings to the story? What does he do?
2: Manifestations and a pop culture example.
I.e. Trickster Twins: Fred and George Weasley.
1: Definition of a Trickster
(no you cannot use this example now)
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