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Informative Speaking

No description

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Informative Speaking

Informative Speaking
Ch. 15

Informative Speech
A speech designed to convey knowledge and understanding--not to advocate a cause
Example: Lecturer or teacher
Three criteria for effective informative speaking:
The information should be communicated accurately
The information should be communicated clearly
The information should be made meaningful and interesting to the audience

Personalize your ideas
Types of Informative Speeches
There are many ways to classify informative speeches. Today we will focus on the kinds you are most likely to give in this class.
Guidelines for Informative Speaking
Don't assume your audience knows about your topic
Goal is to: Introduce new info., extend knowledge, update old information.
Relate the subject directly to the audience
Don't be too technical
Avoid technical jargon and specialized language
Guidelines for Informative Speaking Cont.
Avoid abstractions
Be clear and concrete
Use descriptions, comparisons/contrasts
Personalize your ideas
Use personal examples, stories, and testimonies
Be creative
Use your creative thinking skills
Speech About Objects
Anything that is visible, tangible, and stable in form.
Objects may include places, structures, animals, even people.
Examples: e-book readers, service dogs, M.L.K., Golden Gate Bridge, etc.

Speech About Events
Anything that happens or is regarded as happening
Examples: Festivals, Olympic Games, Mardi Gras Celebration, any current US or world events, etc.
Speech About Concepts
A belief, theory, idea, notion, principle, or the like
More abstract than objects, or events.
Examples: Theories (e.g., communication theories, nutritional theories), Confucianism, cultural backgrounds, philosophies, etc.
Remember, you are NOT persuading! You are informing your audience about the concept.
Informative Speech Example
1. What type of Informative Speech did the speaker give?
-Speech about objects?
-Speech about events?
-Speech about concepts?

2. Did the speaker follow the guidelines for informative speaking?

3. Referring back to our activity on ethical listening, did you have a hard time paying attention to the speech? Why are some speakers easier to listen to than others? What could the speaker have done differently to keep your attention? What could you have done differently, as an ethical listener, to stay focused?
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