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Julie Gonzalez

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Alma Luz Villanueva
Facts about Alma Luz Villanueva
Mexican-American poet, short story writer, and novelist.
Dropped out of high school during the 10th grade.
Had her first child during 10th grade. Had her second child at age 17.
Didn't write anything from age 13 through age 26, due to her marriage with a violent man.
in 1984 she got a secondary-education at San Francisco College and Norwich University and she earned a M.F.A
Alma Luz Villanueva's Early Life
-Alma Luz was born in October 4, 1944 at Lompoc, California.
-She lived and was raised in San Francisco
-She stayed in San Francisco for most of her life.
-She currently lives in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
-The affects of the placed that Alma lived did affect her writing because she saw how her grandmother died, which she lived for 11 years of her life.
Golden glass
In the story "Golden Glass" there is a boy named Ted and when he turned 14 he decided he was going to spend the entire summer camping outside.He even told his mother that he will not come inside the house at all. The boy prepared him self before he went outside to camp. When the boy was outside he was looking at the tree and its wood. Even though he was staying outside the entire summer, he would spend everyday with his mother. Then days flow by fast and it was August and the boy goes back inside the house to his mother.
Work Cited Page
Schober, Jacob A., Chery A. Hampton, James J. Condit, and Jenna E. Lair. "Alma Luz Villanueva." : Voices From the Gaps : University of Minnesota. Lauren Curtright, 25 Apr. 2004. Web. 23 Sept. 2013.

"Alma Luz Villanueva Biography." BookRags. BookRags, n.d. Web. 23 Sept. 2013.
Her writing
She began writing due to all the struggles she experienced
Influenced by:
-Not knowing her father
- A violent husband
- Dropping out of high school in
10Th grade
Brian Gonzalez
Julie Gonzalez
Pedro Antunez
Jessica Erape
Manasses Rodriguez

Background info
Had a German father she never knew
Mexican mother
Grandfather- baptist minister, with a degree in philosophy, wrote poetry, and edited a newspaper.
She lived on welfare in public housing in San Francisco with a violent husband.
She taught at many different universities such as Stanford university, pacific university, and university of California Santa Cruz
Personal thoughts
We really enjoyed this story because it shows a coming of age story of a 14 year old boy.
We thought it was interesting the way he thought he was being independent when he really wasn't.
We can compare this to almost every young adult because at one age we all wanted to feel as if we were independent, when in reality we weren't.
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