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The Great Schism v. The Avignon Papacy

Venn Diagram comparison

Samuel Johnson

on 20 October 2012

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Transcript of The Great Schism v. The Avignon Papacy

The Great Schism Both Avignon Papacy 1. Split between two rival factions. Catholic and Orthodox in The Great Schism. Two popes in Avignon. 1. Permanently changed the Christian church. 1. Damaged the Church's Reputation. 2. Church could not provide leadership during hard times 2. Geography separated the two factions in both cases. 2. Split caused by doctrinal differences such as marriage and divorce. 3. Split into two denominations. Roman Catholics and Orthodox. 3. Church in France corrupt, uses power of church taxes to support French government. 3. Both caused major changes in how Christianity was viewed. 4. Caused by cardinals trying to please Italians and French in papal election. 5. Governments fought on behalf of either pope and leaders were excommunicated by rival pope. 4. Both caused people to question the need of church leaders and sacraments. 4. Resulting partially because of the Avignon Papacy's revealing weakness of church leaders. 5. Both took place during times of wars and instability. 5. Caused the radical reformers to gain momentum in their ideas.
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