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Pookie Aleera is not my boyfriend

No description

Elliot Geddes

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Pookie Aleera is not my boyfriend

On page 59 the book tells you that Mick drops a watermelon off the verandah at the school and he gets in trouble for that but later in the book on page 62 when Laura grabs his arm he thinks to punch her but changes his mind and just says "What?" instead. Also in the book it tells you that mick jumps into the rive next to the school (74) but later he decides to get him and "The Gang" to be nice to everyone for just one week (159), in the book he says, "I mean
really really really
nice. Lets go out of our way and do something.......special, for someone else and see what happens." That gives him the idea to get the lonely girl Laura to join "The Gang". (161)
Pookie Aleera is not my boyfriend

The reason I chose Mick was because I thought he was a very interesting character and he has a very interesting personality and it changes often.
Also his relationship with his brother is really strong because on page 119 Jacob and him climb onto the roof and on page 124 he lets Jacob milk a cow while his parents are out something my brother would never let me do while my parents are out.
Page 129
The blurb
Page 4
Page 22
Page 78
Page 148
Page 62
Page 59
Page 159
Page 74
Page 161
Page 124
Mick has a good relationship with his brother Jacob (4) who he cares about (4) but isn't overly protective and doesn't mind too much if he does some dangerous things like jumping off a shed roof (22). He also has a good relationship with "The Gang" from the beginning of the book to the end the always stay strong together and the trust Mick and don't tell on him when he sometimes jumps the fence and goes for a swim in the dam next to the school.
Micks Character Profile

Personality traits
Mick is a bit of a troublemaker (blurb) and doesn't always think before he does things like the time he smashed a grade 5's cricket bat (129). But besides that Mick is a leader because if he wasn't he wouldn't have been able to be the school captain (blurb) the captain of the cricket team and the captain football team (78). I also think he is the leader of "The Gang" (148) because he gives the gang their ideas and most look up to him. He's also a bit spontaneous (62). I think this because when Laura grabs him he says in his head "I'm about to punch her of course, but I remember what Mr Hume says about violence."his first intention is to hit her (62). Also his parents trust him enough to come home every day after school and work to night and get up when its still dark and work hard until school (78).
Relationships With Other Characters
How Mick Has grown Through the Book
Crucial Events In the Plot
One of the most import bits in the text for Mick in my opinion is when he asks Laura to sit with "The Gang" (161). I think this is important because it shows how Mick has changed and how he's no longer all "ruff and tumble" and how he's becoming soft and nice to others. Another crucial event is when Mick drops the watermelon off the deck on page 59. In my opinion it tells you a lot about Micks personality because Pete brought to school to drop it but he got too scared so he asked Mick to do it and he said yes. In the text it says, "I told him I've never seen a rule that read,
No dropping watermelons from verandahs.
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