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Newton Scooter

Trenton and Clay project

Notnert Nayub

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Newton Scooter

By: Trenton and Clay Newton Scooter Action Force Newton's Third Law
This law is applied to this car when you pull the pin out of the tube the rod goes forward hitting the wall then transferring the force to the wall and back then pushing the car away from the wal The Crossbow Car
Our car is based on the construction of the crossbow. Our original design was like the one we had a short piston. Also, we had screw drivers keeping the wheels in place. We drilled a hole through the base then slid them though with the wheels then it worked but added weight. The car works by pulling back the piston that has the rubber band in its notch on the tip. When it is far back enough the pin will secure the piston in place without letting it shoot out. To start the action force just pull the pin out quickly; The piston fires out of the tube then hitting the wall.
The piston is shot forward out of the tube. Then hitting the wall with a force from the rubber band and the tension added together. The wall being an unmovable object the piston does not affect it but the force is opposed equally back to the car. Reaction Force The Result The result of the piston hitting the wall, the wall then transfers the force back to the car. The car propels away from the wall at the speed of the piston going to the wall. Improvements The original design was a heavier version having screwdrivers as axial for the wheels. We also had only one piece of tape connecting the base tube to the crossbow top. We put the extra tape to keepit in place. We also changed the length of the piston to increase the amount of force that is pushed into the wall. Testing
Our first few tests where as predicted unsuccessful. They were unsuccessful. Some of the later experiments where going farther because we decreased the weight but did not go far enough because of the rubber bands and small rod. The rubber band tied together gave it greater force but the rod could not exert it. So we then extended it by about and it worked.
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