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why is Quebec's character predominantly french?

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imajin thatcutie

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of why is Quebec's character predominantly french?

why is Quebec's character predominantly french Why is Quebec's character predominantly french? why is Quebec's character predominantly French Samuel De Champlain went on 3 voyages
in 1534, Francois the first, the king of France sent him on a voyage of exploration
he was ordered to find a shipping route to the orient to allow French trader to import silk and other fine products to Europe and precious gems and metals such as gold to make New France rich
the French convinced Donnacona to let Cariter take two of his sons< Domagaya and Taignoagny, back to France to show the king
He failed both to find riches for the Crown and the route to the orient he then never sailed for France again. Jacques Cartier the first Nations people were also interested in the fur trades just like the french
the french efforts to spread Christianity assumed that the first Nations spiritual beliefs were wrong and they need changing
the French brought supplies to the the first Nations people that made their lives easier interaction with the first Nations people
founded a settlement in Quebec city
established a military alliance with the Huron
established the basic of a successful colony
explored the coastal regions of eastern North America
he was a a cartographer ( map- maker)
joined the Hurons in an attack near a lake that would eventually bear his name
he worked tirelessly for 20 years to build a colony for France
he was the " Father of New France" The Governor the top official in New France
responsible for seeing that the Kings orders were carried out
responsible for relationships between New France and any other European groups in North America
Louis de buade , count Frantenac held the position from 1672 to 1682 and from 1689 to 1698
Louis de buade , count Frantenac was a french noble and had been an officer in the armies of France and venice The intendant of New France did all the day-to-day work of government, being responsible for finance and justice seeing that the rules and laws of the council were obeyed Jean Talon from 1665-1668, Jean Talon was the indendant was intendant of Frances northern territories( New France, Acadia, Newfoundland)
he carried out a survey to find out what resources New France could supply besides fur
he organized the building of sawmills ,shipbuilding docks, and the fishery and a brewery
he increase New France's trade with the French colonies in the Caribbean
he increased immigration from France and was responsible for setting up the filles du roi program
some of New FRance's potentail was lost because the king did not want to spend much on its development. For this reason , it continued to be vulnerable to attack from its enemies, especially the English The Bishops in 1674 laval was appointed first Bishop of Quebec
one of his most important accomplishments was setting up the seminary of Quebec in 1663
his goal was to create a diocese of Quebec.he also set up a Church court to try clergy accused of crimes
he believed that the Roman Catholic Church should be supreme and that its rules were superior to the kings laws
once Laval was had been appointed Bishop of Quebec, he was able to create new parishes in New France
there were many lay organizations these extended the influence of the Church, by providing opportunities for working, learning and participating in the life of New France who was at the bottom of the Hierarchy who were at the top of the hierarchy the people that are at the bottom of the hierarchy are the indentured servants,criminals, slaves and first Nations. The people that were at the top of the hierarchy are the king, viceroy, minister of the navy, the Governor of New France , Governors of Montreal,Quebec, and Trois-Rivieres, sovereign council, intended, intended's representatives in Montreal,Quebec , and Trois-Rivieres, Captain of the militia and then citizens The seven years' war, 1756-1763 was the climax of the fighting between the British and the French.
in 1759, General James Wolfe led a campaign to capture Quebec he sailed from Britain with a massive force consisting of 22 gunships , 27 frigates, 80 transport ships, 55 smaller ships 9000 soldiers, 18000 sailors, 2000 cannons, 40 00 cannonballs.
the British soldiers were wearing red uniforms stood shoulder to shoulder in three lines, one behind the other.the lines were about 70 metres apart
when the first line was reloading the seconded line would fire when the second line was realoading the third line would fire. Quebec's character is predominantly french because of the legacy people like Samuel de Champlain has left!!! by imajin Marsh!!!
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