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Real world mythology

No description

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Real world mythology

Real world mythology
Midas is a car repair and service company. Midas in Greek mythology is the king of Pessinus, the capitol of Phrygia. Midas is known as the one with "the golden touch". Midas the company uses the king to say that they have "the touch for brakes".
Atlas World Group
Atlas World Group is a transportation service. Atlas in Greek mythology is the Titan that holds the sky on his shoulders. Atlas World Group uses Atlas as their name because he has "rare strength" and they are "A global company with strengths in transportation."
Aegis combat system
Aegis combat system is a protection system used by the Navy. Aegis in Greek mythology refers to Athena's shield with Medusa's head on it. The company uses aegis as their name because it is very protective and powerful.
Pandora is a website and app that allows you to listen to music. Pandora is also the daughter of Zeus, who was very curious. Pandora was so curious that she released envy,diease, hate, crime, and hope. Pandora the website/app uses Pandora as their name because they are "musically curious".
Nyx Cosmetics
Nyx Cosmetics is an online cosmetic boutique. Nyx in Greek mythology is also the goddess of night. Toni Ko, the founder of Nyx Cosmetics chose Nyx because their shades of make-up are very distinguished.
Nike is a company that sells athletic performance wear, and they are the most popular for their shoes. Nike is the goddess of victory, and she is usually pictured with wings or carrying a wreath of victory. The company chose the goddess Nike to represent their products because they want you to think if you buy their product you will become faster.
FTD Flowers
FTD is a company that delivers flowers to people for special occasions or events by request. Hermes, who is the messenger of the gods, is the symbol that FTD choose to represent their company. Hermes is usually pictured with having winged sandals and a winged cap, and the company chose Hermes because they want you to view their service as having fast delivery and being on time because Hermes was very quick. This is because flowers have to be delivered quickly because after a couple of days they could go old. They also chose Hermes because if more people view them as having fast delivery they would sell more flowers.
Trident Dive
Trident Dive, which is a company that sells scuba diving equipment, is associated with the god Poseidon. This is because Poseidon is the god of the seas and he is usually pictured with holding a trident, which is one of his symbols. The company chose Poseidon to represent them because they want you to feel safe when you are in the water, and feel like Poseidon is protecting you in the seas.
Eos, which sands for evolution of smooth, is a company that sells products to help with your body care, and they are most popular for their brand of lip balm. Eos, the goddess of dawn is used to represent their company because the rays of the sun can sometimes cause chapped lips. They want their customers to think if they use the product on their skin it will become smooth.
Ajax is a company, which sells cleaning products and is associated with the god Ajax. This is because Ajax played an important role in the Trojan War because he was the one to clean up everything after the war was over. The brand is associated with Ajax because they want you to think that it is the best cleaning product used.
Aphrodite's Perfume
Aphrodite is chosen to represent our perfume because she is the goddess of love and beauty. Our slogan “emerge from the seas” relates to Aphrodite because she was created from the foam of the seas. We want our customers to think of our product as one of the most simple and elegant perfumes available, and we want them to associate the smell with the smell of the sea. The perfume is not just refreshing and pure, but it also smells like the calm ocean. If you but our perfume you will not only smell the best, but you will also feel new and refreshed.
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