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Copy of Digital Security

No description

Lauren Brantley

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Digital Security

Digital Security
small software programs that are designed to spread from one computer to another interfering with computer memory and operation
Live Updates
Norton Live Update is an application developed by Symantec Corporation that downloads and installs security updates and software patches which protect your computer and our network from outside threats.
Start by addressing the district Acceptable Use Policy. Many problems can be adverted by following what is already been put in place. The guidelines are to protect the teacher, students, and the network resources
What does the AUP say to protect our Technology?
+Educational/Administrative Purposes- All technology resources are for educational or administrative purposes. Users shall not access inappropriate sites on the Internet or use school resources for commercial purposes.

+Safety: Users will not release student information or pictures with last names on the Internet without prior approval by the student's parent/ guardian.

+Passwords: Secure passwords are first level of security to the network. Keep passwords in secure locations, not taped to monitors or in open places. Do not email passwords.

+Supervision: Employees must monitor usage of online activities .

Do you know the consequences of not following the district's AUP?
Do your students know?

In your browser
Preferences and Security features
Delete Cookie files on a regular basis or check not to be tracked.
ONE more tip! Do not download or install toolbars!
often spread by email attachments disguised as
+funny images, +greeting cards
+audio or video files.

Be careful opening opening any e-mail attachments!
They are spread from downloads on the internet hidden in software or other files or programs you might download.
To help avoid viruses, keep your computer current with the latest updates and antivirus tools, stay informed about recent threats and follow your AUP.
+ Read all security warnings and privacy statements with any software you download
Never click "Agree" or "ok" to close a window. Instead, click the red "
" in the corner of the window or press Alt + F4 on your keyboard to close a window
What are some ways we can protect sensitive information and our network?
Digital Security
I think I have a virus, how do I perform a virus scan?

Don't fall for "
" attacks. Don't click on links asking you to log in, change your password or provide any other personal information.
How to perform a live update on SCCPSS computers
Navigate to the Norton Antivirus program by clicking on Start > All Programs > Symantic Client Security > Symantic Antivirus, then click on live update
Navigate to the Norton Antivirus
program by clicking on Start > All Program>
Symantic Client Security > Symantic Antivirus. Once the program has opened click on Scan > Full Scan > Scan
Let's stop and talk:
Teacher Scenario
As a teacher, you decide to make your classroom a certified BYOT classroom. Students can freely bring their devices into your room. You are excited to start your first lesson with the student's devices. Within the first few minutes of the lesson, student's start clicking various websites apart from the lesson.
Let's Stop and Talk:
Teacher Scenario #2
You receive an encouraging email from a co-worker that contains an
attachment that looks harmless. It opens with ease and you read the poem that was sent. Later, you notice that your computer is running slow. You chalk it up to "Everyone is using the internet at the same time in this district."
Do you know that virus' often accompany attachments in email?
Do you know how to perform regular maintenance on your computer?
Let's stop and talk:
Teacher Scenario #3
You are busily preparing your lessons and an
update comes on your screen. UG! not again! I
don't have time to stop and update and reboot this
time! Why do they always bother me with these
messages? Later on that week, the technology department sends a message that the internet is down at your school for maintenance. "Wonder what is wrong this time..." you think. Now what I am going to do in place of my BYOT lesson today!"
Do you know that we all are responsible for Live
Updates and not just the technology department?
As Digital Citizens we are all responsible for keeping our technology safe which in turn keeps our students safe!
As teachers and teacher leaders, lets make sure students and teachers are fully aware of the AUP and know what consequences are in place for not following it. Let's have a plan in place during every lesson involving technology if student's do not follow directions.
Choose me!
Digital Citizenship
- a important component of Digital Citizenship
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